I’ve never really enjoyed going to big shopping centres and being in lockdown has meant I haven’t been allowed to go, yippee! Thank goodness for internet shopping though as the state of my winter pj’s leaves a lot to be desired. The Golfer and I were trying to work out how old some of them were, remembering that I’d forgotten to pack myself pj’s when we went away one Winter many moons ago and had to buy replacements.

I do like the Bed Bath and Table pj’s so jumped on line to check them out. Unfortunately the ones I really liked were all sold out (obviously people with good taste!) but did find these.

Aren’t they cute? And snuggly warm too. We’ve been having near freezing temps overnight so flannel pj’s and a quilt on the bed with the blankets has been a MUST!

I’ve been spreading the love with my fabric buying too and scored a parcel full from Patchwork with Busyfingers which included a couple of extras which was very sweet

The parcel contained these fabrics, unusual colours for me I know……

Not sure what I’ll do with them but ideas are percolating……

And the extras?

The percolating might just include this design, hand pieced not paper pieced though – you know me!

Having enjoyed my recent sock making foray I decided to get some more sock yarn (I’d run out – heaven forfend!) and GJ told me about these beautiful yarns from Half Baked Hand Dyed which are made here in Melbourne – perfect! So soft and a great array of colours, including stripes of which I’ll get some next time. Mum has finally taken up my offer to make her a pair of socks and when I sent her the pic she chose the aqua. They’ll get started very soon. (You can see more of Danni‘s yarns on Instagram)

Instagram is a trap, isn’t it? Having not been on social media while I was unwell, I’m back to having a quick look every now and then and, oh dear! This parcel just happened to turn up from The Next Stitch Could be the beginnings of a new quilt??

Have you been buying anything other than fabrics online, or have you been brave and ventured to the “real” shops??

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Shopping

  1. IRENE BLANCK says:

    The lockdown has been good for my wallet – most of the time. When I did venture out to the quilt shops my visa did take a beating!! And yes, its fun to do some retail shopping over the internet – its surprising what you see. I discovered that clothing from 6 of our larger women’s clothing shops comes from the same warehouse!! Google “sleepwear” from the shops that you know and see what comes up!

  2. Pip says:

    When I see posts from The Next Stitch I try and quickly scroll past, sometimes they are just too tempting, and Wendy has such nice curated bundles. I’ve been to one local fabric shop twice, it is like a huge warehouse, I go first thing in the morning when no one else is there, so feel quite safe. I have bought a couple of books online, a shoe rack and some shopping bags, no clothing as yet.

  3. Jennifer Farmer says:

    No doing everything online at the moment except for my first to The Quilt Shop in Eltham. Are making socks hard Meredith?

  4. Linda Tiernan says:

    Love the PJ’s, but love the fabrics even more….great selections. Now we know that your mind is indeed ticking over again and that you are getting back to your normal self. 🤗

  5. tinaor says:

    Love the PJ and fabrics! Not been shopping yet – unless you count one pop into a friend’s greeting card shop this week – complete with hand sanitiser and mask. Online is fab mostly apart from the odd yarn colour that arrives shockingly wrong and has to be returned. I have to say part of buying yarn is the being there and squishing it which I miss.

  6. Glendaxx says:

    What a fabulous virtual shop you have been having!!! Lots of fun and adventures ahead !!! Xxxx

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    Love the jammies!! I bought 2 new dresses last weekend …. well, they were less than half price in a sale!. I don’t like big shopping centres, I get a bit anxious if there are crowds of people. And I would rather support small, local businesses. Oh, I have bought quite a lot of magazines recently, but they will be passed on to my friend Sonia, and after she reads them, she will take them in to the care home where she is a nurse, where they are enjoyed by the residents ( Malcolm gives her his ‘manly’ magazines for the male residents, who love them!!)

  8. I must admit, I’m not missing shopping centres, either!

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