Quiet times

It’s been very quiet here at p and c lately, both literally and figuratively as I succumbed to an annual bout of laryngitis. This one was so bad that The Golfer took me off to the doctor where I had a telehealth consult in the clinic carpark which lead to a COVID-19 test by a nurse who came to the car gowned, full-face masked and double gloved. A bit of a scary sight and the test is not a pleasant experience but one which, thankfully, gave a negative result.

I’m on the mend but this bout was so bad it zapped me of my energy, enthusiasm and sewing mojo as well as my voice, so I’m badly behind in all my projects. But, I’m well and that counts for everything these days.

The most I was up to was a bit of knitting, and socks are always a go-to for me as they are quick and, now I’ve made so many, easy. My lovely chiropractor is moving down Geelong way, just a bit too far to travel for a treatment! So as a farewell and thank you present I knitted her a pair of socks and also a pair for her partner as he was quite taken with the pair I knitted her for Christmas, so he now has a pair of his own.

I was able to order the yarn from Wondoflex; their range is a bit limited as they’ve sold out of a lot of stock. (Heard tell on the radio that LOTS of people have taken up knitting and crochet during the pandemic and yarn is in short supply Australia wide!!)

I chose this pretty blue and used the “Muddy Daffodils” pattern by Clare Devine for her

and this tweed for him and used “Ann’s Go-To Socks” from the book Sockupied

They both have long feet so it was strange knitting for such a long time on the foot part….would it ever measure the required length???

At the beginning of the year I cleaned up my yarns and put them in a different spot, but now I can’t find my acrylic stock thingies so the above displays are not the best – no doubt they will turn up when I’m looking for something else!

That’s all for today. Hope to be back soon with some pre-illness sewing and walking pics for you. Do hope you’re all well and stitching/knitting/crocheting to your heart’s content. Take care.

Much love

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Quiet times

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I hope you regain your strength and feeling better soon Meredith 💗

  2. Ann says:

    Hope you’re feeling better Meredithe, look after yourself. xx

  3. Pat Andrew says:

    Stay well ,keep warm and most of all be careful. All the best for your health and mojo recovery.

  4. Jill Henderson says:

    HI Meredithe. I was only saying to my better half (debatable, I know) this morning that I follow your blog, and you had been very, very quiet for a couple of weeks. I remarked then that I hoped you were well, but now I know. May you continue on the way up. Whilst well, I have had some sleeping issues, which caused me three large stressful occurrences on Monday – things I can only shake my head at that I did – so now I have applied for Long Service Leave to get a few things in order here at home, and to provide support for my folks without trying to fit in work as well. I guess this is the first step to retiring completely. I am in the fortunate position to job share now, so am not leaving them in the lurch, but am also offering to fill in on very odd days should my job share partner fall ill. The office has to keep ticking over. Anyway, enough of my rambles – get totally better soon, and hopefully you will be back teaching very soon. Who knows, I might even finally get to go along to one of your classes. Cheers.

  5. mumofteenagers says:

    Great to hear you are on the mend. It must have been a worrying time for you both. Your socks look lovely – I only made one pair which made my Mum laugh as half way through the knitting I had managed to get the wool coming up the inside of the sock!
    Keep up the good work of getting better!

  6. Linda Tiernan says:

    Oh M, I am SO pleased to get your message today, having been very concerned for you of late. What a dreadful time you have had, you poor thing…l remember how badly that Laryngitis grabbed you last year, but this has obviously been much worse. And for it to take away your stitching mojo is disastrous indeed!!! Let’s hope and pray you are back on track properly soon, you have been sorely missed. I am getting very concerned re our eventual return to shop classes..this second wave of Covid is not unexpected at all, and I cannot believe the amount of stupidity out there with people back in the big shopping centres and not social distancing….it is appalling!! I have missed your cheery posts and photos very much indeed. Look after yourself please, special lady!! 😘

  7. Happy to hear you are on the mend. Sock making would not be a quick and easy go-to project for me, but I am happy that you have something to focus on while recuperating.

  8. Kyle says:

    So glad to hear you didn’t have the virus and equally glad to hear you are feeling better. Take it easy so you’ll recover quickly.

  9. Good to know you’re on the mend, and that it wasn’t The Lurgy. Continue to rest lots and get properly well again! Maybe watch my videos while you knit?

  10. Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell but delighted that it wasn’t the dreaded C-19.

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