Sew a little happiness……

I’ve been thinking about my #sewalittlehappinesseveryday project…….

:: I think it needs a little bird……you know I love a little bird fabric…..

:: I would dearly love us to buy a caravan and go touring around Australia. We did a bit of that when I was a child and loved it…….

:: found this little offcut the other day……I might need to add some bunting in…..

:: these little buttons could make some sweet flowers…….

:: and I’ll have to have a pomegranate…….

Enough with the thinking……..on with the making!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Sew a little happiness……

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Just got home from another physio appointment and saw your message ‘Sew a little happiness’ it bought a smile to my face and lifted my spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Linda Tiernan says:

    Thanks for making my morning with that lovely post…..such prettiness!

  3. terreblogger says:

    Such happy fabrics!

  4. This is looking intriguing!

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    And we know our Miss Helen will love the little bird! I think I might have some fabric with camper vans, I shall have to have a hunt for it!

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