Sew a little happiness every day

How are you Dear Peeps?? Is everyone coping ok? I still find it surreal that this event is happening world-wide. As they’re singing on the ad on tv “we’re all in this together”. Here in Australia the numbers are looking good, and although it’s no time for complacency there is light at the end of our tunnel. I do feel so for other countries though as the numbers continue to be horrendous.

On to brighter things though, I’ve been enjoying Sarah‘s #sewalittlehappinesseveryday sampler although I’ve not been stitching on it every day – you’ll see why tomorrow. But with this project…….

~ I picked up some gum leaves on my walk (much to the amusement of My Walking Friend)

brought them home and made some templates

then chose some fabric to stitch them in

~ Next I drew up some gumnuts

did the fabric prep work

then finished them off in thread

you can see I took Carol’s suggestion to heart and have started stitching the grid in a grey.

~ I made some balloons next, feeling the need, like so many of us I’m sure, to fly away!

~ On Easter Sunday I drew and stitched an Easter Bilby

~ and just the other day a rainbow, firstly having to check the colour order, then having a hunt to select the shades. You can just see on the cloth the semi-circle I drew as my guide for the first chain stitches

I dug out my bird tray to keep things on as I’m using them, and the pretty tin (thanks Linda!) to store bits and pieces, like ideas and drawings plus the grey thread for the grid. And here’s my chain stitched rainbow

~ there are quite a few drawings and notes in that tin, so I don’t think I’ll run out of ideas.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your stitching.

Much love

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Sew a little happiness every day

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    What a joy to read your beautiful post and happy pics whilst dawdling over my breakfast cuppa.
    Thanks for making the start of my day so happy! A visual treat!

  2. Gail says:

    Love the #sewalittlehappiness and have the fabric all ready to join in…so very positive, a light in our day. Thank you for sharing your dose of ‘happiness’.

  3. That’s delightful! Coming together nicely!

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