Virtual Class

I hosted virtual class again last week; there was some cooking as students were preparing for Good Friday and baking Hot Cross Buns, there was some shopping too to prepare for the weekend meals, but some of us were quilting.

This quilt has been in my brain for a while, so I figured now is the time to start on it. I chose some fabrics very quickly then when class started the rotary cutting and machine piecing was quickly under way.

By the end of the morning I had these blocks

It was a stunning day, so I sat outside on the deck for lunch, with the last of the Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup and my kindle – oh, and the dregs of some Hedgehog I’d made for Mum

Could very easily have spent the afternoon out there (nearly fell asleep in the sun!), but my students beckoned.

I finished off another block in the afternoon

then started drawing up the grid for #sewalittlehappinesseveryday

Very happy with my day’s efforts!

More blocks shall be made this week in virtual class.

Meredithe x

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2 Responses to Virtual Class

  1. Yes, a good day – although I suspect falling asleep in the sun would also have been good!

  2. frayedattheedge says:

    Loving the blocks! I came across your recipe for hedgehog the other day, when looking for another recipe (which I didn’t find!)

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