Parcel posts

I’m doing my bit to help our quilting community stay afloat………….well, that’s my excuse anyway!

:: from Treehouse, Emma’s “Daisy Love” purse kit (another for a Monthly Make methinks)

Also from Treehouse, my regular Fabric Club mailout arrived

:: from the quilt shop, fabric for my soft quilt, using my new “Rocks and Whetstones” templates

and you know I like a bit of bird fabric (don’t look Helen!)

:: from The Strawberry Thief, again some of which is for “Rocks and Whetstones”

:: from The Next Stitch, which I’m blaming on one of my students who showed me what she’d bought and of course I had fomo (fear of missing out!)

:: and most excitingly, new templates for testing!!

Done any internet shopping of late?

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Parcel posts

  1. Helen f says:

    I knew you would by that BIRD fabric!! Nice little batch of parcels for you to play with!!😊

  2. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I just ordered some more fabric from The Quilt Shop Eltham for my Mrs. Billings quilt….never can have too many fabrics!

  3. Linda Tiernan says:

    Oh Meredithe, you have made me feel SO much better!!! I have just collected my P O box items today from the Post Office. What delights lurked in there!!! Keep an eye on Instagram for my post later today!!! There are a few more parcels on the way too….at first I thought that self isolation was a great way to save money….ha-de-hah-hah!!!! Too much time to browse online!! 🤔🤪🤗👏

  4. Sue says:

    Wow, that should keep you entertained for a wk or two! 😁 love some of your fabrics, & th daisy love bag- so cute! Xx

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    I have been good so far, and have been using stash!

  6. So I take it this period is not going to reduce your stash one jot? Happy Stitching!

  7. audrey says:

    How fun for you! These look like very inspirational bits of fabric.:)

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