QAL 2020

I had a very productive day on Saturday. Finally got my mojo going. Started by clearing up a bit in the sewing room. My cutting table suddenly appeared (just don’t ask where all the “stuff” that was on it is now!) and I’d forgoten that it’s soooooo long. Perfect for cutting borders for my Star Quilt for QAL 2020

They were all cut and attached to my quilt top. Then for the corners…….love it when a mitre comes out so easily

This isn’t a good pic – I’d taken it just to show my Friday friends meaning to take a proper one later……obviously that didn’t happen!

I also put borders on my “Gateaux” quilt top (nothing to do with QAL 2020!)

then pressed them both and took them off to the quilter on Monday, dropping them at Carol’s door and scampering away so I didn’t contravene the new isolation regulations. My QAL 2020 quilt is HUGE and as I have no-one to help me baste it, have left it for Carol to do then I can hand quilt it, and “Gateaux” has been left for Carol to machine quilt.

Also on Monday, we dropped a precious cargo of toilet paper off to Mum, leaving it on the shelving provided for resident drop-offs (she prefers a different brand than the one used there) and dropped off Poppet’s birthday presents, again leaving them at the door although I did ring the door bell and stood back to have a quick chat telling Poppet she wasn’t to open the gifts until Tuesday, her birthday. That remark was greeted with “Oh, what???”! She turned a big 6 and has started school……who knows when she’ll be going back.

It’s all still very surreal, isn’t it? After our outings on Monday, which included some fruit and veggie shopping, I felt a need to scurry back to our “burrow”, safe and protected by the four walls that are keeping danger out. Just weird.

Hope you’re all getting lots of stitching done too. Stay safe lovelies.

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to QAL 2020

  1. Helen says:

    Love your updates here in WA. I miss my granny as well talk/red to her daily on FaceTime, do drop offs Easter biscuits yesterday to decorate untouched by my hand once out of oven. She is 6 Nd doing remote schooling luckily Auntie who lives next door is teacher so lots of resources to share. Stay safe

  2. Helen f says:

    You have been busy M!! Have started cutting out “oslonian”

  3. Sue says:

    That’s a fantastic cutting table with the 2 mats!! Love your quilts, looks so colorful! The beautiful weather has made this week easier but next week we will find the social isolation a bit tougher me thinks! Hope you stay well, love your posts as feel connected! 🥰

  4. Tineke Sydekum says:

    You’ve been very productive Meredithe. The see-through bag you made the other day is just gorgeous.

  5. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Hi Meredith, love getting updates each day takes my mind off everything that is happening. Have you thought of putting together a picture album of your quilts, some of your first and some of your recent quilts. Would love to see how your style has changed over the years.

  6. karenlogcabinquilter says:

    Love the polka dots. Happy colors.

  7. Nancy says:

    Can we see more of your sewing room setup?
    This post was especially timely because just yesterday I cleaned up my sewing room, cleared my cluttered table and found some things I thought were long lost. I know I could arrange things better, and need ideas!

  8. Yes, it’s all very peculiar. But going out for a walk every days seems to be helping me sleep, so if I can keep that going after the end of lockdown, I’ll have gained something!

  9. audrey says:

    It really is surreal, only going out for absolute necessity and then hurrying back home to hibernate. Everyone giving these suspicious looks checking out the general health and well being of the person next to us.:) Good for your getting things accomplished in the sewing room. I’m sure that I could do a lot of chain piecing right now if only I could get organized and actually MAKE myself stay in the quilting room for that long.:)

  10. Gail says:

    Thank you for sharing your ‘every day’! It may appear mundane to you, but the images and simple tales bring smiles to all. It is amazing how you can establish a routine within the confines of your own little space even if only traveling from one room to another!😉
    We are very lucky here, as our space is quite vast and up until today, (as we are getting some lovely rain!) I have been out in the fresh air for a decent walk and a play in the ‘now, very tended’, garden. I do miss the get-togethers but have phoned many people with whom I wouldn’t normally chat, so feel that it has been a great opportunity to reconnect given we have the time. I have started some new projects and find that I am inspired to explore the stash (read vast) and create anew!
    Congratulations on the finishes…stunning!🌻

  11. tinaor says:

    Loving the fabric !

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