Around here

As we go further into lockdown, some nice stuff for you…..

~ mushrooms anyone? These have appeared in our lawn, I’m guessing from the tropical weather we had earlier in the month. Not that I’ll be picking them to have on toast for brekky!

~ I’ve enjoyed the last of the hydrangeas. Always sad to see them go.

their colourful blooms fading to those burnished greens

and the last of the roses too

~ Since isolation started I’ve done some cooking/baking making casseroles, pasta dishes and focaccia

and tried some GF friands which were very successful and went to Mum (they’ve set up some shelves just outside the foyer where families can leave care parcels for residents; the staff periodically check and deliver). It was cool at the start of the week so cooked up some chicken and sweet corn soup. Sun has been shining the last few days, so had soup and the last of the focaccia out on the deck.

~ We had a brilliant sunrise the other day; I was nearly late to meet my walking partner as I kept stopping to take photos

and while out walking its been lovely to see some native blooms

~ The Golfer noticed a very good deal for dishwasher tablets with one of “those” internet companies the other day and as we were down to our last two tablets he ordered “the deal”. It arrived a day later……we’ll have sparkling dishes for months and months and months….

Things were getting a bit grim on the toilet paper side of things too, with only 3 rolls left in the cupboard and none to buy every time I ventured to the shops. Sent The Golfer out for the early shop (he’s an over 60) and he came up trumps!

~ I think the Government’s message has come through loud and clear as I find myself, while watching modern day tv shows, ridiculously thinking, “Oh no, you’re standing too close together – get 1.5m apart!” and “NO! NO! No hugging!!”

We will survive. Keep checking in with family and friends, take care of yourself, eat well, exercise and get good sleep, and support your local quilt shop!

Much love

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Around here

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    Love the look of that focaccia. And that butter dish is DIVINE!! And love the hydrangeas you….just planted my first one in a big pot in the perfect spot, and it’s blue… the special powder to try to keep it Blue, something I have never managed to do in my 77 years…..ever hopeful!! 🤗

  2. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I am sitting here in rehab trying to do some hand sewing, flicking through the television wondering if the world has gone mad. Can’t wait to get home to be able to continue the hand sewing and watching some DVD’s just for a change.

  3. tinaor says:

    OOh some lovely flowers, some lovely cooking, beautiful sunset and some essential supplies. Thanks for sharing how you are getting along. Shame the flowers don’t last forever but that’s the beauty of them I guess – if you took them for granted then we might not enjoy them as much as we do. Loving the butter dish as well – someone else mentioned that so I took a double look. Let’s count this as extra special time, time for experimenting with what we have (eg food!) and stay safe x

  4. Stay safe, don’t taste the mushrooms!

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