Serenity ~ Part 2

It’s certainly no hardship to spend days stitching at 320create, and when we heard the news on Monday from one of the husbands, we were hoping we’d have to be “isolating” up there! No such luck.

Lynnie had some show and tell – the wedding quilt for her son and daughter-in-law is finished!

Lynnie also had a stack of fat quarters from a range by Emma Jean Jansen that she wasn’t sure what to do with so I suggested a Plus Quilt and in no time at all it was cut and being laid out on the floor and then it was stitched together. She was a very happy lady!

Then she started on this quilt for a friend – look away if you barrack for any other team in the AFL than the one with black and white stripes!! The recipient will be a very happy man!

Kaye also had show and tell with the last of the borders on her “Lollypop Tree” quilt

Kaye had her “Panama Pyramids” all sorted into rows

and they were soon up on the design wall and some were even stitched together over the weekend

there was a little hand work done on her “Heart Slow” stitching (must get mine out to do whilst “confined”)

and from this box of fabrics

emerged the beginnings of her version of “The Corner Quilt

Jenny spent some of her weekend in a monstrous cutting frenzy, with the subsequent pieces now ready to be made into blocks

Maree had a lovely time hand quilting her “Happy Flowers

and embroidering her version of “Ruby May

and we gave her some suggestions for this quilt too. (Maree is using my “Dogwood” templates for the multi-pieced blocks)

Helen worked on her “Go-Go Wheels” and got the last of her blocks made, so she laid them out and they’re now pinned in place ready to hand stitch

And me? I appliqued the top and bottom borders onto a new template quilt

then I started a new quilt using my “Rocks and Whetstones” template set. It’s always Great Fun starting a new quilt. I laid out my fabrics, including the new ones bought on the Friday

set myself up ready to prep the pieces

then hand stitched the first block together!

Pretty pleased with that. I’m testing myself and trying to stick to a “soft” palette. I know, weird right?? I cut out another 3 sets (and have nearly finished stitching them up since coming home).

Then, as it’s 4 years since Audrey set us a challenge of “A Circle A Day” and it’s leap year again, I decided that I should get this one finished. The main body of the quilt, with its 192 circles was done and I’d added borders so with the remaining 174 circles (I ended up with 11 leftovers for some reason?? Obviously my counting skills need work) I had a play with the layout, trialing several ideas until settling on this one.

They’re all glued into place (not nearly enough pins available for the job) so it’s now a pick-up-and-go project (not that I’ll be going anywhere much in the foreseeable future!).

So lots for us all to be continuing on with as we self-isolate – surely a quilter’s dream come true!!

Take care Dear Peeps

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Serenity ~ Part 2

  1. Irene blanck says:

    Wow.. you girls sure got a lot done. But of course when you’re at 320Create all you want to do is sew!!

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the lovely quilt parade, this social isolation will be tough for some but us quilters will be fine

  3. Carrolyn v says:

    Sigh….I sooooooooo want to do enjoyable sewing with friends. But thank heaven for my huge stash as my last few days have been making hospital masks for my local nursing home and hospital. …71 as of now…the need in this state alone…40,000! Such a scary scene here in the US and world now! God bless up you all.

  4. Kyle says:

    It appears that quilters no matter where they live are using their isolation time creating and having fun. I know you are. Me too!

  5. Jill Henderson says:

    Wow (take two) as my earlier comment disappeared. You and your friends certainly achieved a lot in a weekend of fun, food and creativity. I’m hoping to get some sewing done in the next few weeks particularly, but have been knitting mainly, plus cooking for various events – shearers, parents, sick kids. I guess you could say I have been creative too, lol. Stay safe and well – enjoy the bunkering down.

  6. Husband’s family barrack for Hawthorn, but I won’t tell them if you don’t..!

    Stay safe and keep stitching!

  7. audrey says:

    Heart Slow is so pretty! Love the stitching. And your circles quilt is looking so fun! I adore the different colored borders and how you placed the circles in the border. Genius!

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