Friday stitching

It was a stinker of a day last Friday; so hot (44 degrees C), then windy and muggy and no let up with the heat.  Nevertheless we bravely ventured out………

Helen came to pick me up as she had spied some goodies on Instagram from Nuno Nuno being this (and I needed to go as her enabler!)and of course there was a little bit of extra with theseNo, no, no, I know it looks like something I’d buy, but that lot was Helen’s too.  And me?   You surely didn’t expect me to buy something??  Oh, ok……. yummy, huh?Trudy is having a sale this week, so get in there quick for some great buys!

After our retail therapy it was off to Maree’s for (air conditioning!) a scrumptious chicken and avocado salad – just the thing for a hot Summer’s day, with plenty of watermelon and my plum clarfoutis for afters.  Aren’t the placements so pretty?Maree showed us one of her very first quilts, a gorgeous sampler in cool blues and soft yellowsand a fabulous Australian magazine from 1949 – don’t you just love the headline!we laughed over the ads and drooled over these dressesand in order not to “dull our brains with idleness”…….

Maree had visited me the day before and trawled through my 1930’s boxes for some more bits for her “Go-Go Wheels” which she was stitching upHelen progressed with hers tooKaren did a little of her “boring” crochetand I made another couple of “Gateaux” blocksAs Maree’s husband had gone away golfing, we had decided to stay on for dinner as well, something that we’ve been meaning to do for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity.  Helen brought along a sparkling red and we ordered in pizza (sorry, downed that before pics!) and finished off with another slice of plum clarfoutis.and I didn’t get home until 9.15pm!!  Fabulous day.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Friday stitching

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    Oh you “stop out” lady…thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing!! What a fab day you had!! 🤗

  2. Helen f says:

    We had a great day despite the heat!!

  3. tinaor says:

    Idleness dulls the brain – great title on that magazine! I love old magazines, so funny how we have moved on with sexism, I am sure there would never have been a men’s magazine which suggested they were ever dull! Looks like you had a great day.

  4. I didn’t think you’d get away without acquiring something yummy!

  5. A little retail therapy is always nice! Looks like you had a wonderful time despite the outrageous heat. I must say you are bold to place that red wine so close to your fabrics. I am too much of a klutz for that. Perhaps that was your second glass and you just didn’t care – wink!

  6. Sue says:

    So inspiring to see such gorgeous fabric! Have never been to Nuno Nuno- will have to have a little jaunt! 😁

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