QAL 2020

Once again I’ve signed up for the QAL with Cecile and Bea.  This year’s theme is “Stars”.  I’d had an idea bubbling away for some time in the back corner of the creative part of my brain and when I saw what this year’s theme was it leapt out from the bubbles!  I quickly drew it up and then had to sit impatiently waiting for 1st January to come around.  Except I didn’t know what fabrics/colour way to use.  Lots of pondering……..

Usually on Boxing Day I start a new project, but this year, with our start date less than a week away it was time to corral some thoughts and decide on fabrics, stop wandering around the boxes and choose a colour way.  After lots of dithering I gave myself a stern talking to and employed an old strategy – just choose 1 fabric to start with, just 1.

Some time later, this is the fabric I choseIt was then a matter of trawling through my Fabric Library to see what I could add.  In fact, all of these!  Ahh, colour way and fabrics sorted.They were all packed into a box and I waited even more impatiently for New Year’s Day to roll around.

Finally, Finally our start date arrived and with Cecile’s announcement that it was all systems go I chose the first star fabrics.  Given that the blue fabric was my starting point, it was only fair that it became the centre of Star 1 (the observant of you will note that some of these fabrics didn’t end up in this star – change of heart halfway through!)then fabrics for Star 2 were chosenBilly Bernina and I were having a ball stitching madly away!  So much so I’ve nearly run out of thread; only noticed this when I put the cover on Billy after completing Star 8.It’s been soooo hard to stop at just the 8 stars for January; I had 6 of them made within a few days and the other two not long after.  Couldn’t leave them alone!  I can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

So, here are my January Stars, all present and correct.  The block I’ve chosen is Star of Hope and my design calls for 15 stars so I’ve added one Evening Star block to bring it up to the required 16 blocks and it will have a little place of its own within the design.It’s nearly time for Billy and me to start stitching the next batch!

Is anyone else joining in with Cecile for this year’s QAL?  How are you going?

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to QAL 2020

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I can’t image you dithering when selecting fabrics Meredith…..I thought it was my problem. I love your stars they look great! I have found a couple of fabrics whilst tidying up my sewing room which may be a possibility for Mrs Billings, I will get you to give me your opinion at class.

  2. Cécile says:

    You have chosen some beautiful fabrics ans your stars are awesome !!
    Thank you to participate again in the QAL !!
    May I take your picture to add it in the FB group please ?

  3. That does look as though you’ve been enjoying yourself!

  4. blackeyedsewsan says:

    Adore your focus fabrics (as well as the others) Terrific stars!!!

  5. Grace Thorne says:

    i agree..once started inspiration takes over…got all mine done and now in top construction phase…love your fabric choices!

  6. Jan Joseland says:

    Go you! They look great.

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    I know you only had a few fabrics to choose from!@

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