Around here

~ I’m loving picking and displaying my hydrangeas and I’ve been able to take little posies of them to Mum too.  So pretty, and as The Golfer has built a frame around them with shadecloth they’ve been protected from the worst of the heat and sun so I hope to keep picking them all Summer long.

~ I’ve made some cool neck ties for our firies using the free pattern from Amy Kallissa ~ Attended an impromptu sewing day at Mary’s shop Patch n Quilt in Gisborne, meeting old friends and new, and had a great yarn with Mary at the end of the day!  Miss Maree forgot her sewing so she helped me cut out some new blocks (yep, another new project!  Well, it’s been on the back burner for a while and jumped to the front!) and I’ve since stitched up two of them.  Thanks for the help, Maree!   Making these using my template set “Gateaux ~ Went to Sewn and Quilted’s  Summer School class on overlocking with Kate Marra.  Such a brilliant class!  Kate is the consummate teacher when it comes to the overlocker; her knowledge know no bounds and she’s fabulous as getting all the information across.  (Don’t you love the subtitle of her book?)I had a little old overlocker that I’d been given by a student.  Unfortunately it died just before lunch.  Thankfully I was there with two friends and was able to use their machines in a tag-team effort (thanks lovelies!).  On the way home I stopped in at the “S” shop – as you do –  and bought a new overlocker – on sale too!  It’s an early birthday present from The Golfer (not that he knew it at the time!).Helen came and helped me sort out my fabrics a little while ago and there’s a pile of fabrics just waiting to be made into tops and dresses – no excuses now!

How has your Summer/Winter been going in January?

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Around here

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Oh I am so sorry Meredith…I feel terrible about the overlocker. I had had it serviced but hadn’t used it for quiet awhile. Glad you were able to pick up a new one on sale. Looking forward to our classes to resume….Mrs Billings here we come.

  2. Those blocks are absolutely stunning. Are they hand pieced? You are going to have one very beautiful quilt.

    Gorgeous hydrangeas! I can’t seem to grow them here, but my aunt has HEAPS growing out the front of her house.

  3. What lovely hydrangeas! I hope they survive the summer for you!

  4. audrey says:

    Your block looks complicated! Wonderful though. Can’t wait to see a whole set of them.:)

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    Love the hydrangeas, the pretty pinks are just what I needed to see on another grey morning! You have been a busy girl, looking forward to seeing what you make with your over locker!

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