Monthly Makes

I hate to be the one to tell you Dear Peeps but 2020 is fast looming on the horizon, and that’s got me thinking. (I can hear your sigh – it’s ok, it’s not bad!)

It appears, over the years, I’ve acquired at shops and shows quite a number of small projects, patterns and kits – through no fault of my own, obviously. Said purchases were usually preceded by words along the lines of “Oh, that’s so sweet/useful. I really NEED that kit/project/pattern” and rapidly followed, post purchase, by “Ooh, I could make that this weekend/week”, which, as you can see by the pic below, did NOT happen!  (Notice the word NEED not WANT in the above sentence – I’m very selective in my verbs when it comes to quilt related shopping!)

They are lovely projects; bags, pin cushions, needle cases, embroideries, small slow stitching to frame……  These little makes, instead of being done immediately were thrown haphazardly are stored lovingly in a box and every now and then they call out to me.  But I can resist The Call no longer and have decided that I shall tackle a small kit/project/pattern each month during 2020.

So at the beginning of each month, I’ll choose the project to make and sometime during that month it will (hopefully) be made. That is, finished!  All done!  By the end of the year I could have 12 new accoutrements (and possibly some Christmas gifts.  How’s that for being prepared?).

Surely, I can’t be the only one with this Unmade-Acquisition Problem?  If you’re a “collector” too, are your little projects calling out to be made?  Are you in?

January 2nd is scheduled to begin Project 1 which will be…….??   Sorry, I might just have to leave you while I work on the fraught decision of which one I’m going to start on first………enney, meeney, miney……..

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Monthly Makes

  1. linda s says:

    I don’t collect kits so much as patterns and ideas. I have so many books I can’t shelve them all. I have been thinking I need to actually MAKE some of them. Maybe this will be the year?

    😉 Lind

  2. @annmareefromtaree says:

    Oh, yes, me too! I’m going to take inventory on the tub of small projects after the festivities and get going.

  3. Susan creer says:

    Love your idea and yes I’m in the same boat as you. However my projects are full size quilts🥴

  4. Shirley Sherratt says:

    Oh! I hear you loud and clear. We like to support people with their patterns and kits so now it is time to actually make them. Going to be a very busy 2020. Shirley.x

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Linda Tiernan says:

    Oh dear, you have been spying on my ever growing big basket of “small useful things” to be made? Some of them have been there for many years, but they don’t call out to me because I hide them in the spare room! You have jogged my conscience now, so I’m with you…..they will all be SO useful, let’s get them done! And I might not even like them after all this time (let alone NEED them!), so I’m with you!!!! Let’s get ‘em done in 2020. I will keep you honest if you keep me going. My NY resolution is to stay home more and get stuff DONE!! 🤗

  6. That”s a good plan. I’m not sure that I have anything equivalent, but I’ll certainly give it some thought!

  7. Chillibaby59 says:

    Have the same problem 🤔 I’ll join you on this one starting the 2nd of January ….. see how I go

  8. Anne Donald says:

    Good idea, once I find all the kits/projects!!

  9. Helen f says:

    Great idea M, but that photo is only the tip of the iceberg!! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. OH I am right there with you but mine are in cabinets and plastic closed containers – I am finishing Alexander Bean Pot today and then I will be reviewing my 2020 projects and all the 2019 that did not get done (cataract surgery)! You have a good plan – I will think about applying that to some of mine! Hugs

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