New templates

You may have noticed (or not!) that the Friday girls haven’t been showing much of their stitching this year.  That’s ‘cos they’ve been the most wonderful friends and earlier in the year volunteered to help me test run/stitch up samples for some new templates.

The trade show was last weekend and I’m now at liberty to show you the six, yep, that’s 6, new templates for 2019.

The first is “Floristic” (VT4043MC) that I worked on and you’ve seen snippets of the centre fabrics over the year, and a little bit when Helen and I did the seaside photo shoot, but here it is……and here’s a slightly different version that I’ve done tooThen there’s “Prism” (VT4045MC) which is another in the “Playing With Hexagons” series.  Karen made this sampleand from the same templates you can make it this way too (this one is mine)Before Helen broke her shoulder she became ever so slightly obsessed with the next templates.  She started with “G0-Go Wheels” (VT4046-8MC) in the 8″ version, making a cot quilt from 1930’s fabricsthen she started on the bigger version (VT4046-12MC) which is 12″ and using much of her Kaffe Fassett collection.  This is still a work in progress (she’s stitching at a MUCH slower rate these days.)Fern tested the “Rocks and Whetstones” (VT4047MC) templates for meand I had a play with them tooand Maree became very obsessed with “Oranges and Lemons” (VT4048MC) and her Liberty collection and it’s very close to finishedKaren also fell in love with this template and has used her 1930’s collection to make one tooAll these new templates will be available from your (Australian) LQS in December – just ask them to order them in (the codes are in brackets beside the name).

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we’ve all been working on during 2019 and I’m sure there will be some finishes to show you soon too!  Special thanks once again to my lovely friends for all their hard work!

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to New templates

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Just beautiful Meredith.

  2. Linda Tiernan says:

    Love them all, particularly the Oranges and Lemons…..done in Liberty with Liberty linen background….superb! There goes 2022 now!!! How exciting for you to release them all….great work!!! 🤗

  3. Helen f says:

    Was great fun M doing “secret womens business” !! Oranges/lemons and go go wheels very addictive – you can’t leave tjem alone unless you fracture your shoulder and just have to sit and watch everyone else sew!!! Baby steps!!

  4. Oh my word! You’ve all been getting a great deal accomplished! And it’s all looking fabulous!

  5. Very interesting! Hugs

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