Around here

~ I’ve picked the first of the roses, but they didn’t last long in the house as The Golfer has succumbed to hay fever and they were driving him crazy.  Apparently it’s been a bad Spring for hay fever.  Pretty while they lasted and I’m admiring them on the bushes. ~ These gumnuts seen on my walk always remind me of ballerinas’ tutus ~ The Golfer and I had a quick trip to Sorrento for a fish and chip lunch which we ate on the foreshore in beautiful Spring sunshine accompanied by some pesky seagulls, one of which decided he didn’t like standing on sand, so stood in the water on some seaweed instead! ~ I’ve finished a quilt and it’s being quilted now, so in readiness for its return I’ve prepped the binding placing it onto a Binding Baby which I won in a competition run by Jodie.  Such a great way to store awaiting binding. ~ Helen has had a good report from her surgeon and we shared a last mid-week lunch together at “The Hill” cafe in Berwick before she heads back to work.  It’s been fun exploring new eateries with my friend There was so much of my souvlaki I took the other half home!

~ Our bottle brush is starting to flower – such a glorious sight~ Been meaning to share this for ages; a house I go past on my morning walks went up for sale last year.  It was rented out for a while after selling then the bulldozers moved in.  Being a big block I thought that 3-4 townhouses would be built.  Imagine my surprise when, after returning from our trip o/seas, instead of houses there’s now a park!Big wide paths, children’s play equipment, garden areasnew trees and some of the existing onesand seatingand discreet seatingI’ve already seen some girls playing on the swing before school and I’m sure it’s well used by the children in the neighbourhood. Such a pleasant surprise.

~ One of Mum’s friends has this sign on her door……….a lesson for us all!

What’s been happening in and around you?

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Around here

  1. June Holznagel says:

    Couldn`t resist the invitation re “what`s going on around you?”.Here in Glen Innes ,northern tablelands of the New England area of NSW ,its fire , fire to the north ,south & east of us , with fatalities .Been smoke affected for ten weeks now & we are warned of a catastrophic day tomorrow .!!!Lovely to see some green in your report , as the grand total of 210 mls for the year does not deliver much of that ..I look for your reports each day .

  2. Jenny McHenry says:

    Gosh, that is a surprise that a park was built on the vacant block. So sad to read June’s comment about the fires up north and the dire results. I am thankful for the wonderful rain we, here in Melbourne, have received and I hope that rain will come to those in areas that need it greatly.

  3. What a delightful little park!

    November in England – rain and sleet!

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