Woolly Bits

Following on immediately from “Treehouse at the Hall” it was Woolly Bits Day at the lovely Millrose.

Events have conspired against me this year and I haven’t been able to go to many of the Woolly Bits Days so I decided it was high time I stitched up another birdHelen was staying the weekend with us so I dragged her along for the day and she brought along some hand stitching to doLynne was working on her “Fresh CutToo quickly it was lunch time with lots of choice from the new menuthen back to it……

I finished my birdie, learning a couple of new stitches along the wayHelen had a lovely shopJoy put on a bindingLynne had a break from embroidery and got out this bagwhich contained a scarf she’s knittingLizzie covered a lampshadeand we had another visitor, Miss I who is 12(?) and she was making a dollwe all needed afternoon tea to revive from our laboursbefore heading off home, which unfortunately was a nightmare trip with an accident (not us), traffic jams, heavy rain and roadworks!  Still, Helen and I chatted about our lovely day and that kept us going.

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Woolly Bits

  1. What a fun day! Working with wool looks pretty cool. Love the bird!

  2. Helen f says:

    Was defintely a full weekend of stitching!! Millrose is always a treat!!

  3. It’s always better to have a companion when the traffic is slow!

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