Umm, I can’t say “Friday stitching” for the header because, well, you’ll see……

Once upon a Friday, not so long ago, Kaye picked up Helen and myself for a little road trip.  The day started well – unbeknown to each other we’d all put on red shoes!  A sure sign of a fabulous day ahead!We ventured out to Warrandyte, on the pretext that Kaye and her sister had been out the week before and a purchase had been left behind so needed collecting – I know, any excuse!

We were a little early arriving at the shop in question so we decided morning tea was in order, as you do!

Cocoa Moon provided all we could ask for…… these and coffees! We’d noticed an op-shop a couple of doors down so had a peruse in there.  We all came out with something, only I didn’t get to take pics of the others’ stuff so you just get mine……. two quirky glasses, and all those doileys – perfect for quilt labels – for just $5.00.  Bargain!Down to Ratty and Moles next – the intended destination.  Kaye picked up the missing item, and we all picked up a little something else as well.  For me it was a basket and this little dish – just ‘cos!With Clair’s Fabrics close by, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.  This shop is set in the grounds of Warren Glen Garden Centre and we became a bit distracted……

This was the view as we headed out the door to Clair’sSee the water feature on the left?  Closer inspection revealed ladybirdslots and lots of ladybirds.  They were all around the ball.  I haven’t seen this many in one place since I was a child!  I do love a ladybird, so I was delighted to see them.There was a bridge a bit further downCan you see the ducks at the other end?  They provided all sorts of entertainment, particularly this fellow as he preened, relaxed, showed off, then paddled awayThis tree looked a pictureWe saw bees buzzing in flowers, legs golden-fat with pollengorgeous iridescent blossom (and weird statues)unusual potsand yet more ladybirds!Eventually we made it to the door of Clair’s Fabrics and I do like her sign – them’s my kinda fabrics!It’s funny how some days random choices actually all go together!  Don’t know what I’m doing with them yet, but I think they’ll stay together.By this time hunger had crept in so we stopped off to get a pie each and very delicious they were too.  All the tables are set outside and pigeons aboundA beautiful scent filled the air and we realised it was the wisteria growing over an archway nearbyWalking back a different way to the car park, we saw this mosaic bench, so cleverly doneand down the steps a fabulous playground for childrenSo as you see, not a single stitch was taken but it was a great Friday!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Friday…..

  1. Li da Tiernan says:

    How delightful….a pleasant and relaxing day. As for the three pairs of red shoes, well that says it all!

  2. Joan D'Abreo says:

    Absolutely magnificent pictures!!!! Makes you feel so lucky that we have these beautiful sights so close to our backyard. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your obvious enjoyment of your visit to Warrandyte. Have a great week – Joan

  3. Helen f says:

    It was a great road trip and the weather was lovely as well!!

  4. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Love your fabric choice!

  5. A great day indeed – and what a gorgeous mosaic bench!

  6. Kyle says:

    Starting the day off with Red shoes meant the day was going to awesome for sure!

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