Kaye kindly hosted Squealers this last month, and although only a small contingent we had a great day!

Of course, there was lots of excellent goodness to munch on while we chatted and stitchedincluding Andrea’s just-made-still-warm scones with jam and creamand it would be rude, wouldn’t it? not to have a little of – almost – everything!Kaye had lots of show and tell:  there’s a new pup in their house…….meet Doraor Dora the Explorer as she’s being called while she finds her way around her new surroundings.  Such a sweet little thing.

Kaye showed us her finished “Peacocks Quilt” the machine quilting is stunningKaye and Mr Kaye have recently returned from a trip to the UK and Portugal and from Porto comes this amazing fabricplus these wonderful tilesand gorgeous ceramic fishOn the stitching front, Kaye has been working hard on her triangles, amassing a huge pile so farAndrea was prepping some leavesJenny has had a trip to her Mum’s recently who gave her the badges Jenny was awarded as a Brownie and a Guide, so she’s stitching them onto a blanket.  See any you recognise?  I think I was a Tintookie?  (It’s the only name that comes to mind when anyone mentions Brownies!)and I worked on this little project which turned out to be the wrong size when I got it home – grrrr!  Still, fun to make and I’ll use it for something else.Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Squealers

  1. blackeyedsewsan says:

    our badges in the US look very different-I still have my GSA badges in an envelope somewhere. I think I donated my sash w/ badges to the GS museum in CA. (I THINK) Susan in Boston

  2. Helen f says:

    Ha M i was a maluka!! What a plateful of goodness you had!! Always a great arvo!!

  3. Carrolyn v says:

    Glory, glory, glory….such beauty and deliciousness! I feel like trying to SWIM to Australia to enjoy your group! You all are gourmet sewers and bakers!

  4. Susie says:

    some absolutely beautiful things there

  5. I think I was a Leprecaun.. And a Sixer, as well. Memory Lane has some funny twists…

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