On the needles

Or perhaps the header should read “on and off the needles” as I’ve finished two items!! Yippee!!

First up the socks for my chiro which were very well receivedand my “Gretel” cardi (which is also available through Ravelry)So pleased with this finish; love the shoulder finishand the stitching on the hem and the cuffsI did find the sleeves were too long, but as the sleeves are knitted in the round from the dropped shoulder, it was easy to undo and stitch to my sizeI’ll try to get someone to take a pic of me wearing it as it’s such a comfortable fit and so very warm.

So delighted with it, that I chose this gorgeous “Aquarium” colour for another (and yes, the sleeve instructions have been written down!)In the meantime I’ve started this pattern in 12 ply which I’m thinking will knit up fairly quicklyand Mum’s cardi is going well; the back is finished and one front started, including pocket which I’ve not done before, so I’ve learnt something new – always a good thing!Winter is slowly coming to an end so I’m not sure how much more knitting will be done.  In the meantime I have a variety to choose from…..as you do!

Anything on your needles?

Meredithe x

PS  This finish was posted on Instagram a while ago; some fingerless gloves for a friend.  I thought I’d taken a pic on the camera but had only taken it directly for Instagram and for some reason it hasn’t come up well when I’ve copied it across.  Grrr.  You get the drift anyway.  And another finish!!

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6 Responses to On the needles

  1. Helen f says:

    And you are stitching as well!! How do you fit it all in???

  2. My goodness, what an orgy of finishes!

  3. I love your projects. I hope before I die that I will have time to improve on my knitting! Life is just not settling down here! Maybe by November – Cataract surgeries start Tuesday for Hubby and on 1 October for me! One other thing came up that has to be done for Clay on Monday – will it ever stop? Hugs Your socks and sweaters are so beautiful!

  4. Kyle says:

    You make the best socks!

  5. audrey says:

    Your knitting looks so fun! I’ve not allowed myself to be tempted. Don’t think I can afford {money or time} two hobbies.:)

  6. nicolette says:

    Lovely knitting projects! This time of year always makes me want to knit something. I still have some fair isle knitting projects on the needles, but quilt making is always more appealing to me.

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