Stitch sisters

We had a lovely day out at Miss V’s Saturday week ago.  It was a sunny day, but freezing cold so we really appreciated the fire roaring in her loungeroomand the delicious afternoon teaalong with scrumptious birthday cake as two of our group have August birthdays and just a little more of Miss V’s crocheted rug……Lots of talking happened and not much else in the way of stitching…….think it was the cold weather!

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Stitch sisters

  1. Helen f says:

    Was a lovely cosy afternoon!!

  2. karenfae says:

    lovely crocheted blanket would you happened to know how one can get the pattern?

  3. Anne Donald says:

    On dear, I don’t know what happened! I read your blog on my Kindle, and as there hadn’t been any posts for about a month I just thought it was because you were looking after Helen. Then I checked this evening, and there was post after post after post!! So now I am all caught up, and my head is spinning from all the wonderful projects (and my tummy is begging for some of those delicious cakes!)

  4. What a lovely cheerful blanket!

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