Class show and tell

No 2 for the month……from Sewn and Quilted


Denise had this luscious group of fabrics for a new quiltand to make her life easier I suggested making a key, which she didCarole had finished her third border so I drew in the “bits” for her crittersthen we cut her next border and Carole marked it up before starting with the first blockand Jo and I worked on her mitred borders for the second “Carousel” (pattern by everyday quilts)


Three students stayed all day:  Linda had finished this quilt and it’s now winging its way to the USA to a grand childand she had a lesson in paper piecing by hand (as opposed to glueing)Frances stitched on her borders and chose and made up a backing for “Sweet Sundayand we welcomed Carylin back to class and she chose fabrics and started a new quiltand with the other afternoon students, Fernanda had some show and tell, with her “Matilda” quilt top finishedand she’s made this very cute bag and she started hand quilting after we had a discussion on the “how’s”I worked out some triangles measurements for Tineke and she started making up these strips for a border effect on her quiltCheryl stitched up more “Sugar Plum” blocksI helped Lyn baste her quilt and then she had a lesson in machine quilting and did great jobJane stitched more “Sweet Sunday” blocksand also had a paper piecing lessonCathie made a small block bookand a customer, Liz, gave us this lovely show and tell, made with her mother’s and grandmother’s doilies Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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2 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. A real kaleidoscope of colour and pattern!

  2. Love that Rowdy Flats!

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