Easter break

Hello my Lovelies!  How was your Easter break?  Ours was fairly quiet.  The Golfer, naturally, played a bit of golf leaving yours truly with lots of time to stitch, and stitch I did.

It was an unnaturally warm Easter time; I had planned to quilt lots but it got a bit hot for that and it seemed silly to turn on the air conditioner (it’s April, after all!) so I made do with the ceiling fan and hand quilted until it became too much.  I do enjoy seeing my pile of safety pins grow, taking them out as each section is quilted(Don’t you love the pin cushion?  I think it was my grand mother’s).

And I’m always fascinated to see how a section of the quilt goes from flatto textured with hand quiltingand I’d bought myself this cute bag (you know I can’t resist a gorgeous bird or two!) which is just perfect for housing the threads I need to quilt my “Mid Century Modern Flowers” When it got too hot for hand quilting I reverted to my new blocks (using a new template to be released in November) and as I’d finished sewing up the 12 I cut out at Daylesford, I set about prepping the rest, 13 in all, and they’re now ready to stitch.  Quite excited about this one and how it’s looking on the design wall.  So nice to put up each block as I finish it and see the quilt growing!Foxtel had a “Harry Potter” movie weekend, so I indulged and watched all 7 movies again while quilting and cutting out.

A cool change came through overnight Sunday, so yesterday The Golfer suggested going out to lunch and came up with the idea of heading over to Williamstown for an explore.  Though the day was cool and very overcast, the rain held off and we thoroughly enjoyed our day.

We had a drive through the suburb first and ended up at the far end of the bay – that’s the City of Melbourne on the leftAt the very loud sound of squawking I turned to see a man feeding seagullsCloser into Williamstown itself and just down from the Information Centre, is the Seaworks Maritime Precinct, and The Golfer went aboard “HMAS Castlemaine” which is the same type of ship that his Dad served on, and is now open for public viewing.  He had a ball, even having a private tour of the engine room, normally out of bounds, once the gents at the ticket office learned that The Golfer’s Dad had been an ERA on a similar vessel.     I waited patiently on the jetty (after all, how many times has The Golfer waited outside quilt shops for me) admiring the skyline of boats and the City from a couple of spots along the jetty watched a huge freighter leave the docksthought of my friend Anne and her fascination with machinery when looking at these, but also wondering if the people from “Star Wars” used these as a base to design some of their creationsand at the sound of honking turned to see this couple out for a leisurely swim

We walked back up the jetty to the “Restaurant Precinct” where you could visit for a month and eat at the different place every day!  After walking the length we headed back to Atomic Bar Cafe, choosing to sit outside and enjoy the village atmosphere and the incongruity of old and new-ish buildings  while dining on delicious calamariThere’s an ice-cream place in the pic above (one of 4 in the street!) and we just might have indulged in a waffle cone each to finish off our meal……

Hope you had a great break too.  Anything interesting?  Do let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Easter break

  1. Annie G says:

    Your flower quilt is coming along nicely. Williamstown looks very gloomy indeed. We often go there as my son lives near there. Your shipyard photos are superb. It was very warm over Easter & I admit that I did put the air con on one afternoon. Lovely to be able to say hello at the AQC. 💐

  2. Mirjam says:

    We enjoyed the Easter holidays too. Sunday we got friends to play bridge. It was beautiful sunny weather so we were sitting in the our gardenhouse. And Easter Monday we went for a lunch with our friends from Chicago, they are in the Netherlands now, at a restaurant in a Village nearby.🤗

  3. That sounds like a lovely weekend!

  4. What lovely pictures. I love the water. Wish we had a place on a Lake or the Gulf Coast for a getaway, BUT the hurricanes keep us from wanting that one (on the Gulf Coast). Have a great week! Hugs

  5. That quilting looks lovely indeed 🙂

  6. Lyn Shortland says:

    Hi Meridith. Love your snapshots. I have been busy. Completed the 1000 tiny hand held hearts for my great iniece. They are busy selling the 1st 500 & loving it. Also they have been(knee deep ) their words in boxes and boxes of fabrics they said they would like. Sorting colours deciding what 2 make on the machine i gave them makes my heart sing. My niece made her mum a quilt and it is well loved. I am putting together heaps of quilt tops now. Blocks made when i tsught jelly roll quilts one then 2 times a month. Great days. Love your e- mails & thank all your girls please for readily sharing their lovely quilts etc. Have a great Anzac Day. Love & Blessings. Lyn Shortland

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    The last photo reminded me of our lunch in Sorrento last year!

  8. karenlogcabinquilter says:

    I like what I see of your flower blocks. I have plans for another quilt with flower blocks.

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