Creating at 320create

The weekend before last I had the especial pleasure of going to a new retreat place with 5 friends for what turned out to be a super special time.  And a warning that this post is very photo heavy, so get a cuppa and sit back and enjoy……ready?  Here we go.

A little way out of the township of Daylesford, Mary, of Patch n Quilt fame, with her husband, has extensively renovated and extended what was a tiny cottage into a beautiful, purpose built retreat that sleeps 10 called 320 create.  The long drive leading up to the house shows nothing of it until you turn the last bend……and there it is!

As we opened door after door, revealing more and more surprises, the excitement level went up and up.  There are decks on three sides with ample space to sit, eat, sew, contemplate…….  The first evening was cool so we ate inside, but there after every meal was taken outside, including breakfast, sitting on this bench in our pj’s soaking up early morning sunshine, listening to and watching the bird life, and the beautiful treesand someone bought hot cross buns!Helen and I went for a walk “around the property perimeter”, feeling just like landed gentry!It’s set on acreage so there’s lots to see in the way of trees and the bush land beyond the boundaries.  A wood stack is set away from the house and along one side of a deck a small rose garden is growingFurther on from there is a bbq set under a tree that is laden with lichen and moss and opposite that at the other end of the property runs a (dry at the moment) creek with plants along the edgesEven the views from inside and outside are made that bit more quirky with these triangle windows You know we eat well, so our lunches, on the deck under the shade of the brollieswere antipasto type foodsand we took advantage of the bbq and cooked up some great meats (bought in town) with different salads each night admiring the sparkle of the last rays of sun on the leaves enjoying a few bubbles or a redand there may even have been dessertand there was definitely birthday cake on the first night for JennyWe were very quick to make ourselves at home in the super large open plan sewing/dining/lounge areaKaye had some show and tell, with this finished quilt, with its gorgeous backand hand pieced front (pattern is “Mayfair” by Judy Newman)and her finished “Peacocks” quilt top (pattern from Robyn Falloon)Over the weekend Kaye cut out two quilts(!) (just one shown) and prepped a whole lots of applique (not shown)Helen was delighted that her “Sweet Pea” crocheted blanket went so well with the cushion on the rocking chairand even though this quilt top looks finished…..when it’s opened out……oops!a new block was made to replace the rejected one (“Prairie Star” Meredithe Clark templates VT4008MC)and the quilt top was finally finishedJenny had lots of squares cut and stitched up not one, but two small quilt tops for two little girls Maree experimented with a new knitting pattern and made inroads on the first side of a cardi……with pockets!Andrea wanted to start something new, and having brought some fabrics with her from home, found a pattern at Millrose (where we stopped along the way) and added to her fabrics as well, and machine stitched all this, plus some other blocks for it, over the weekend (pattern is “Vintage Comfort” by Judy Newman)I worked on a border of an old (very old!) quilt topbut also brought along these fabrics to trial a new templateand managed to make 1 and cut out 11 othersno hardship in good company and with this as the viewWe had planned to venture into Daylesford for breakfast… visit the shops… wander through The Mill……to walk around the lake….. but none of that happened as we were so captivated by our wonderful surroundings, spellbound by the house and disinclined to leave… all!  We very reluctantly packed our bags, leaving just 10 minutes before our time was up!

So just a few more pics of the glorious flora on the property Even in the dry it looks good.  Hmmm, got a bit carried away I know, but these are just a smattering of all the photos I took!

So looking forward to our return visit next year.  Thanks Mary for a fabulous venue!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Creating at 320create

  1. Sue says:

    Looks idyllic Meredithe, what a gt place to relax & recharge! Xx

  2. Sharen McCrabb says:

    Looks absolutely wonderful, wish I could join in next time.

  3. Helen f says:

    Oh M it was the best retreat ever!! Kangaroos, the little rabbit, kookaburras etc totally able to unwind!! “FEEL THE SERENITY”!! I didnt know u took a photo of the hole in my quilt!! 😅🤣

  4. Carole S. says:

    What an amazing weekend! Your posts generally fascinate me, and I always wish I could be there with you, but this one makes me really want to move over there to play quilts with you!

  5. Wendy says:

    Oh what fun. I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to leave. What a gorgeous venue for a retreat.

  6. blackeyedsewsan says:

    Meredithe…I find that I always have large sighs after your posts! Heaven~

  7. Linda Dutch says:

    Lots of lovely pics! Looks like a great place for rechaging the batteries and enjoying good compnay.

  8. My goodness, that sounds like bliss!

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