Woolly Bits Sunday

It was our first Woolly Bits Sunday class for the year at Millrose but only two of the group were doing Woolly Bits and I can’t show you what they were doing ’cause it’s still under wraps!

As for the rest of us…..

I worked on another of my applique blocks

GJ stitched up some “Bright StarsLynne was busy bag makingJoy was appliqueing with Liberty fabricsJacinta cut out for three baby quiltsand Lizzie started embroidering this fabulous face from a drawing by her very talented daughter Sarah.and I know you’re waiting for it……yes, there was lunch at the cafeand scones, jam and cream for afternoon tea!Hungry?

Meredithe x

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1 Response to Woolly Bits Sunday

  1. I’ve just had breakfast, and yes, I’m hungry, darn it!

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