Squealers Christmas

Last Saturday we enjoyed a small but cheerful last gathering of Squealers for the year (it’s not sounding any better!).

This time we started earlier and enjoyed a shared lunchFull and sated we eventually dragged out our sewing……

Karen had show and tell with this cute present from grand daughter Miss S (10?) for her birthday, with hinges appendages and “real” knitting!One of Karen’s sisters indulged a new love with this present (it’s a very pretty label, Anne!)and as Karen hadn’t imbibed any of the above, she was feather stitching Miss E is really enjoying her crochet and had this gorgeous fella finishedAndrea is making this into a pot holder – despite us begging her not too!Helen has started something new from Treehouse Textilesand Maree is having so much fun with her blocksand I forgot a pic of my hexagons……but you know what they’re like.  There will be more from Squealers in 2019!!

Meredithe x

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2 Responses to Squealers Christmas

  1. Mirjam says:

    WoW, that lunch looks good! So cute the crochet elephant. Once I collected all kinds of small elephants. At that time I had a collection of 376. I love the bunny in the heart. For a pot holder too pretty indeed.🤗

  2. What a lovely show and tell, So much delight, and so much hard work..

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