Sunday stitching

Enjoyed a lovely day on Sunday at the first ever “Sewlicious Sunday” put on by Alison and Sharon at their store, the quilt shop.

We thought we’d be in for some special treats, and sure enough we were!

A goodie bag was waiting on the table for each participantand from my seat I could just see inside the kitchen…..and yes, they did taste as good as they looked.We had time to chat and stitch before an interesting talk on the why’s and wherefore’s of commercial machine quilting by Leanne, then it was time for lunch…..followed by fresh fruita game of pass the parcel, during which everyone got a prize, well a double prize really as each gift was wrapped in fabric,and an hilarious game of sewing bingo, during which I won a prizethen a bit more stitching (hexagons for “Taking Liberties”)before afternoon tea…..…..if you could squeeeeze it in!

Too soon we were packing up from a really fun day!  Here’s hoping it’s on again next year…..

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Sunday stitching

  1. Love the idea of sewing bingo!

  2. Helen f says:

    Looks like you would have rolled out the door with all that food!!!

  3. Mirjam says:

    What a special funny and Sweet day. I can imagine that you hope there’s another one next year.🤗

  4. Judy Beck says:

    Looking forward to seeing where those pretty Liberty hexie blocks are going. Such delicious treats, and I do love those little scissors.

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    What a fabulous day! Friends, fabric and food – what more do we need!!

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