Cheryl from class very kindly gave me some of her “home grown” eggs – and not just 6 chicken eggs but 6 duck eggs too.  So in the morning before going to Squealers I baked a gluten free sponge and…….success!Oh, and some other people brought along some tid-bits too!!

Miss S arrived with Baby Z and I was able to give her the ripple rug, and with it being a cool day, worked perfectly as Baby Z was handed around to all of us for cuddles – she’s such a good girl, not minding in the least being passed between arms!  And Miss S loves the ripple rug!In the sewing stakes, Karen has been stitching up a “Farmer’s Wife” stormas well as working on her leavesI was working on border 6 of “Taking Liberties” Helen did a little candlewicking for a covered coat hangerMiss E’s bunny is stitched and stuffed and just needs a faceKaye’s “Peacock” borders are coming along very nicely, thank you!Maree is appliqueing little blocksAndrea is stitching little size tooand Helen had some show and tell.  Many years ago she did a class with me and with some left over fabrics and some new purchases made up this quilt top.Karen’s husband, Mr J has been busy too; he’s made a kangaroo!complete with tail and clawsand while we were in the back garden, I snapped this fabulous flowering tree (no idea what it is!)and their beautiful sweet-peas which are, sadly, coming to an end but still producing glorious colour.Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Squealers

  1. Helen f says:

    Another great get together M and the cake was scrumptious!! (Anne would have luuuved it!!)

  2. Mirjam says:

    A SWEET blogpost! SWEET sponge cake, SWEET projects and SWEET peas. Have a good day!🤗

  3. mandymunroe says:

    I love seeing everyones makes and am enjoying your summer pics too, thank you!

  4. Cheryl Kerr says:

    The pink flowering tree is a horse chestnut. Very pretty.

  5. A good day, indeed! I think infants become very accustomed to being handed around to be cuddled..

  6. Oh what fun! Sweet baby smells and quilting too! And, oh that kangaroo – wow!

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