It was Squealer time last week.  Karen’s sweet peas are blossoming and made the most beautiful table centre Oh, and there was food….!!

Karen has been appliqueing leaves and had finished the first sectionand worked on the nextI added some more pieces to “Taking Liberties”Helen is working on “those” diamonds (hopefully the last border!)Maree was hand quiltingMiss E started putting her bunny togetherKaye worked on another peacock borderand Andrea worked on her appliqued bunnyBut the best show and tell, of the year actually, goes to Miss S who brought in 5 day old Miss Z, to which we squealed very quietly and all had a hold!So tiny, and sooooo beautiful.  Thank you Miss S, that was very special.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Squealers

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Meredithe – I had to smile re the baby. Where I used to work in a school office, if a baby arrived, there was a general “down tools” and a rush to hold the bub. Your group’s sewing is lovely too.

  2. What with food and a baby to squeal over, I’m impressed you did anything at all!

  3. Melody Anderson says:

    I LOVE sweet peas but haven’t grown them in forever! SO BEAUTIFUL! and the same for the lovely desserts and the baby and outstanding projects!! have a wonderful day, Happy Sewing from Iowa

  4. Mirjam says:

    Oh, a little baby in class. How is it possible that you and your students did make some stiches.👶🏻🤗

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