Mirjam’s 6and6in2018 | September

Mirjam has sent me her pics for September and here they are!

  1. Polak stars and 
  2. Winterse hexjes: I didn’t work on them. 😕
  3. I finished the baby blanket (call the mid wife) in july. This is a better picture.
  4. The Babyquilt “owl”. I finished the top.
  5. The “Hadjememaar” quilt. I drew pattern part C and Q  and I made 34 little blocks this month.
  6. I started with the Lily quilt and made 16 little Lily blocks

Great achievement, Mirjam and I love those Lily blocks.  Have you added your achievements to the post yet?

Meredithe x



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9 Responses to Mirjam’s 6and6in2018 | September

  1. melfunk says:

    Wow, she had lots of accomplishments. Beautiful work.

  2. anudge says:

    Great progess, Lily. Thanks for sharing with us, Meredithe

  3. Lona says:

    Hello, I would love to know more about the Hadjemaar quilt. Thanks!

    • Mirjam says:

      The Hadjememaar quilt is originally a Japanese design. There was a study group in Amsterdam that gave this quilt a different name when they were patching. The Hadjememaar. Hadjememaar was the nickname of a well-known Amsterdammer.

  4. glendajean says:

    Lovely to see Mirjam’s projects, so many different and lovely projects. Loved the Babies blanket and lilly blocks. It reminded me that I have not linked for months so spent a couple of hrs this avo doing just that finally, I have made 6 and 6 so very happy and still 3 months to go LOL I liked this avo. Thank you and Anne so much for the motivation and inspiration over the year. Cheers Glenda

  5. Oh, well done, Mirjam, lots of progress there!

  6. Oh my, you are on a roll!

  7. Mirjam says:

    Thank you so much Meredithe for posting my progress! 👍🏼🤗

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