Here and now | September

Joining in with Sarah for September’s Here and Now….. Loving // These early signs of Spring; blossom and flowers, and enjoying the last of Dad’s orchids.  The street looked like there’d been a huge wedding the other day; loads of blossoms littered the footpaths and road like confetti.

Eating // Zucchini soup

Drinking // Herbal Tea

Feeling // Very annoyed with the possums.  I checked the lemons a few days ago and they were almost ready to pick – big and full but not quite ready to come off the tree.  Two days later and the possums had peeled the skin off EVERY one!  Not happy!

Making // Some bunny rugs for a friend’s baby and some hanging towels for me

Thinking // It’s September…..already!

Dreaming // Of more days eating lunch outside in the sunshine

Must tell you too that Sarah has put out the first edition (sold out!) of a digital yarn magazine called Yarnologie.   I’ve subscribed and was delighted to receive the first edition on 1st September and thoroughly enjoyed reading it; articles about yarn, interviews with interesting yarny people, a recipe, links to some gorgeous patterns and stunning photography.  Highly recommended.

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Here and now | September

  1. Liz says:

    Beautiful post. Your flowers are lovely.

  2. Glendacust says:

    I subscribed to yarnology as well and enjoyed it ! Love spring!!

  3. I think someone’s been buying fabric again! Love the sunshine on the flowers..

  4. Kyle says:

    So many blossoms already. Those possums would be on my naughty list too. Happy Spring

  5. Such beautiful blooms in your garden and gahhhh those possums! So rude of them!

  6. blackeyedsewsan says:

    Picture #3-what are those WONDERFUL flowers w/ the purple centers? Love them-
    I kept looking at the lemons & wondering…peeled? LOL silly me-I’d be wild also especially since we
    cannot grow them in New England! Susan

  7. Sarah says:

    Wow, Spring is looking absolutely stunning around your place, Meredithe! Just beautiful.
    Those possums are SO naughty! It really annoys me when critters ruin the fruit or veggies without actually eating it!

    I’m so glad you love Yarnologie! The feedback from everyone has been amazing!
    Thanks again for joining in with H&N,
    Sarah x

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