Here and now | August

I’m just making it in time to join in with Sarah for August’s Here and Now…….

Loving these flowers – bought two bunches, one for the lounge and one for the family room and they cheer up a grey dull day (cleaned up the mantle piece too and changed it around)

I really need to get to grips with these scraps; cut them into size and box them…….. but the pile’s too big now (whiney voice!)

I’ve missed something to do in the evenings – quilting and hand piecing isn’t doing it for me at the moment – so started on the “Spice of Life” crochet……and Lovin’ It!!

Billy and I have had great fun with this quilt…..will be showing more soon

Loving // Billy, my Bernina – we’re making good things together!

Eating // Still on my carb-free diet and hot flushes are subsiding

Drinking // Hot (soy) milky drinks

Feeling // Mixed feelings about Winter; looking forward to some warmer days, but haven’t done half the things I wanted to over Winter.

Making // Can’t leave the “Spice of Life” crocheting alone!

Thinking // About last week’s trip with Mum and how much fun we had.

Dreaming // No dreams – after months of poor sleep I’m finally sleeping soundly (hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!)

Check in on Sarah’s blog to see what everyone else has been doing.

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Here and now | August

  1. The sleeping soundly – that makes such a difference, doesn’t it! Maybe the crochet is helping…

  2. Kyle says:

    I smiled when you said you were whinny. Yesterday I told my granddaughter not to whine and she
    informed me that she wasn’t whining, just whimpering softly!

  3. Martha Mumaw says:

    I am enjoying a carb free diet also. It calms you so!

  4. Shasta says:

    Love all the beautiful colors in your crochet piece.

  5. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous flowers, Meredithe! And I love that you’ve named your sewing machine…everything is named around here, even the dishwasher and DVD player 😉

    I love winter, but I find myself thinking about warmer days at the same time as knowning once it gets too warm, I’ll want winter back, haha!

    Thanks so much for joining in again,
    Sarah x

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Glad you are sleeping better, and the flushes are subsiding! Loving the crochet.

  7. Pat Anderson says:

    I am doing the KETO diet (similar to Atkins but way more good fat and less protein. I just read last night that soy is not good for you. I wish I could remember the source. I think it was Dr. Jonny Bowden. Might be doing a bit of research. If you like avocados, they are amazingly good for you and are very filling. Lots to learn about foods. Good luck with your diet!

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