Sometimes, I amaze myself.  Not often, just sometimes.  Usually I put things in “Safe” places, assuring myself that when the time comes to remember where this is going, I WILL remember…….unfortunately, I usually DON’T.

However, sometimes the plan works, particularly if I repeatedly put multiple somethings of the same kind in the same place (fairly soon after one another so the memory stays!)

You may have seen on Instagram that I’ve been hand quilting in big stitch a black, white and red quilt.  This is an olde quilte – dating back to the early 2000’s.  Quilting done, it was time to hunt out the binding, cos I knew I had cut (maybe even made up?) the binding as it was the same fabric as the sashing.  In my wisdom, back in the day, I would cut up the binding strips, even if I didn’t make the bindings, put them in a paper bag, named with the quilt to which it belonged, and then onto a particular shelf in a cupboard.

Amazingly, when I went to THAT spot on the self, there it was…….well, it was the bottom bag and I did have slight conniptions as bag after bag didn’t reveal the expected fabric, but all was well.There it was, cut but not made up, but that didn’t matter……it was THERE!

Now don’t go thinking I’m really smart, because at Squealers last weekend I forgot to take the red thread to stitch the binding down!  No-one else had red thread and (on my high horse now) I wasn’t going to compromise.  So I just prepped it all ready to go.That night I got out the red thread and sewed that binding down, staying up way past my bed time to get it finished, then pulled the basting stitches out on a visit with GJ the next day.

And now “Kramarev” is finished!Pretty happy with the result after all these years!

Do you have a long-time quilt that’s nearly finished or finished recently?  How do you go with putting things is a “Safe Place”?

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Sometimes………

  1. Susie Q says:

    Way to go on the binding being where you remembered. Me…. mostly can’t remember my “safe” places.

  2. Helen f says:

    What quilt are you going to drag out next to finish?? (You have all the bindings bagged!!) 😁

  3. Kyle says:

    Fabulous finish! It is amazing when it all goes as planned and we find what we have stored so carefully years before.

  4. Mirjam says:

    Well done Meredithe, I love the Kramarev quilt. Although I don’t like white and black quilts, I like this one because of the combination with the red.
    Ha, ha, I put a lot of UFO’s in safe places. So safe, that I even cannot find them. 😉 But once I will find one again……

  5. I’m trying to learn to put things in unsafe places so I will find them again!
    But congratulations – it looks stunning!

  6. Good for you! Not only did you find the binding, but you finished the quilt as well. Woohoo! I must say I rarely put my hand on the item I was actually looking for, but I have found many UFO’s in the search process! Congratulations on job well done!

  7. I like the finished quilt! So cute! Do not feel bad! I used to do that and need to do it again! I have a quilt that just needs quilting with the binding hanging in a bag on the hanger with the quilt! Not sure about the other ones that need quilting! So do not feel alone, but good for you pre-cutting the binding!

  8. anudge says:

    Like you, most of the time I don’t. Luckily for the 30 years in the making quilt (that I was hand quilting) I did find the fabric I was to use for my binding. Phew!

  9. Annie Gunn says:

    Well done Meredithe – a very unusual quilt indeed. Looks fantastic. Can’t imagine it in any other colour range. Very satisfying to have completed that I am sure. When completing my 17 UFO’s last year, I too was amazed that quilt bindings, patterns and tit bits were all still in one place to complete the projects. My most amazing storage story though was the 1/2 finished crocheted tablecloth still in the old plastic zip lock bag complete with pattern, hook & spare cotton skeins after 26 years!

  10. frayedattheedge says:

    Love the quilt!! I have a tin which proclaims that it is a safe place ……. unfortunately it is only big enough to hold a reel of thread!! When we were on holiday in Wales last year, I bought some gingham fabric ……. and I can’t find it!!!!!

  11. What a great finish! It’s a darling quilt. You didn’t even have to resort to the “stop looking for it and I’m sure to find it” trick!

  12. Judy Beck says:

    Meredith, love the quilt. I am teaching myself to big stitch after being a traditional quilter for years with a size 12 needle. Very, very tiny! What kind and size needle do you use, and what kind and size of thread? Have been seeking all the info I can gather. Thanks, Judy

  13. Shasta says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful, long-term finish! Well worth the wait! I too tend to put things in safe places, which can’t be found until a replacement has been bought, if even then. Good for you for saving the fabric for the binding. Sometimes with older projects, it is hard to find the proper shades of fabric to match.

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