How was your weekend?

Did you have a lovely weekend?  I had a lovely weekend.

I’ve been very taken with Fernanda’s “Take an Element” bag, so much so that I ordered a pattern and it arrived on Friday I finished off my Vintage Thread Caddy and have found it so useful for my hand quilting – the thread is just there and reels off nicely, plus all I need can be stored in the Caddy (including the gorgeous pin cushion from l’uccello from a few years back and these fabulous needles that are PERfect for big stitch hand quilting – luv ’em!)and on Saturday I became a student learning how to make a fabric covered box with Carol at Sewn and Quilted.  I was on time and all set up before class started (the baby wipes are for getting the glue off!)only to find that the kit I’d chosen was not suitable for the class (my mistake) and with 2 minutes to spare had to choose a new kit and new fabric – pressure!!  (I know the principles now so can go ahead and make the other kit at some stage)

There were 8 of us in the class and we all did soooo well with everyone finishing and everybody so pleased with our day’s work.  It’s such a pretty array of boxes, isn’t it and so professionally finished – even if I do so say myself!  Such a fun class, thank you Carol.I’m very happy with how mine turned outand I’ve been able to open packets and round up strays and it now houses embroidery/quilting threads, neatly stored all in one place, very easy to find and with enough room for needles too!Ah, very satisfying.

So, what did you get up to?

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to How was your weekend?

  1. Mirjam says:

    This was a very good weekend for you. Gorgeous. We had the birthday with bbq of my niece on saterday and on sunday we went to friends and made a lovely biketour with them, about 45 km, and in the evening we had an excellent dinner in an Italian restaurant.🤗

  2. Very satisfying indeed. We had an outing with friends, so I didn’t set a single stitch… Oh, and given it’s been a bit warm here, by English standards, nearly melted!

  3. Chillibaby says:

    Glad to have inspired you! Must say that I have finished needle turning the elements on my bag 😬 weekend was great except for the fact that I had to nurse a nasty head ache 😖 all better now!

  4. Chillibaby says:

    Ps box looks great !

  5. Kyle says:

    What wonderful custom boxes. What a lovely way to spend the weekend. It was terribly hot here for Colorado standards so my weekend was spent doing everything slowly.

  6. audrey says:

    Oooh, that thread! So lovely!

  7. Gail Davis says:

    Oh!!😳Those boxes have been on my bucket list for quite sometime! I might just have to move it up the list now! 😉 Meantime, I have been enjoying crocheting in this chilly weather, and making up a delightful warm shawl in time for a dinner in Geelong later this month. It’s coming along nicely. My other UFOs are currently lurking in the background.😊

  8. frayedattheedge says:

    Love the box – I keep thinking I should make dividers for some of my tins, to store some of my sewing supplies ….. one day, when I have a spare minute or two!! Life at the moment is dominated by the World Cup, but I have been making new cushion covers, which I am very pleased with!

  9. Jill says:

    My weekend consisted of preparing for the city grandies two night sleepover, making soups and casseroles for my elderly parents and delivering same on the Monday, whilst taking hubby back to a specialist. My parents have grapefruit and orange trees so set the kids off on a mission to pick some. 19 grapefruit and many oranges later, plus having received lemons and mandarines, I am currently making marmalade (2nd batch). The kitchen smells divine. Love the box class and efforts. Bucket list one day item.

  10. lovely boxes! great job girls!

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