Class show and tell

Just a morning class at Sewn and Quilted this week.

Carole unpicked all her leaves and circles and started afresh on a new background square (thank you for your sympathy!) and she was stitching leaves back into placeLinda has the first of her house blocks ready to applique downCheryl embroidered some more flowers on her bagTineke and I prepped her quilt top for basting and that done, Tineke started hand quilting in Big StitchFernanda had finished one of the vases on her “Take an Element” bagand started on the secondCarylin is hexagoningDenise worked on her next “Mrs Peach” blockand Lyn basted and started machine quilting a little quiltMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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5 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Mirjam says:

    Do I understand it good? Carole started another one, because the measurements were not good? WoW! 👍🏼🤗

  2. Kyle says:

    Everyone’s projects are fabulous. This group seems to accomplish s lot. :0( for Carole, but if something wasn’t right, better to change it now.

  3. I would love to find a group of quilters here in South Texas like this group. I know that Carole really had to suck it in to just start over, but when it is wrong, it is time to start over. I am working on a Quiltmania pattern of 10” Lone star blocks (30 of them) called York Lodge! Yesterday was a day to dump one block in the trash and go forward. I am strip piecing then cutting them on a 45 degree angle and then sew a lot with bias. For some reason the last 2 days were just not days to be working on this project. Today is much better. But all of the projects are going to be so beautiful! Such great work! Tell Carole to hang in there – she will have a beautiful Rowdy Flats. I want to make that one and Down the Rabbit Hole in 2019. Still have projects to complete! Have a great week-end! Hot here in the USA!

  4. I feel faint just thinking about all that unpicking!

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    Lots of lovely work! It has been too hot here to do much sewing – now you won’t often here me say that!!

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