6and6in2018 | June

I nearly missed this post!  I knew today was today, but not that it was today already, if you know what I mean……

Anyway, we’re halfway through the year – are you halfway through your lists?  Or are you having a slow start like me??

I haven’t done too badly this month.  I’ve started and finished a couple of knitted things; this little jumper for a friend’s grandsonand a pair of socks for me, using my friend Kim’s patternLike the different coloured toes?  Don’t tell anyone but that was more accident than design.  Kim’s pattern is for a longer sock, which I wanted to try, but not having knitted a long pair before I didn’t know how long, long could be (Kim gives optional lengths).  I ended up with this much yarn left – not quite enough to finish the toeso I scrounged through my socks left overs and came across a multi-coloured ball with the green ready to knit on……then had to wind off some of the yarn to get the matching colour for the second sock!Thoroughly enjoyed knitting them and must tell you the yarn I used was Onion Knit, Nettle Sock Yarn, Just Blue (Colour 1010)  from Sarah at Say! Little Hen.  It was lovely to knit with and so soft on the hands but feels like a strong yarn.  Looking forward to seeing how they wear.

On the quilting front, I did finish one off my list……hmm, just been to check that.  Ahem……On the quilting front, I did finish one off my list from last year(!) “Brompton Road”.  It’s what I was binding last weekend up at Millrose on the Friday. So very pleased with how this looks as a finish.  Quilted by Carol in my favourite pattern,the fabric for the long strips was bought at Millrose, then I scrounged through my Fabric Library for pieces which had the colours from the main print in them.  Added the plains (again from Millrose) and voila!  The backing was bought at a sale, and I made a scrappy binding from the left over fabrics used in the quilt (do love me a scrappy binding!).(Hmm, better get going with some things from this year’s list next!)

So how did you go this month?  Working hard on ufo’s?  Looking forward to starting something new in July?  Let Anne and I know what’s been happening in your part of the quilting/fibre world!

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #6and6in2018 Can’t wait to see what everyone has done! And if you missed out on posting last month, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along on the challenge.
Meredithe x
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9 Responses to 6and6in2018 | June

  1. Pamela says:

    You’ve done very well this month! I’m nowhere near half way through my list. With six months left in the year, I hope to do better.

  2. I’ve been working solidly on the “100 Hearts” for – what? – nearly three months now, so nothing else has had a look-in. But the end is in sight (I hope) so I may get back to my lists in August!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Since I’ve been more “MIA” in blogland for months, I’ve missed out on the UFO challenge (which is a very good one!). My projects seem to revolve around finishes that will be added to future trunk shows (coming up beginning in August). Need to have those new items to show & tell about!! Disposing of the “old” projects results in many gifts gifted. Hugs……………..

  4. frayedattheedge says:

    I love the little jumper, and your socks look smart with their contrasting toes! The quilt looks fabulous – perhaps I’ll see it in September? Off to do my meagre report!

  5. dkkoch275 says:

    Thanks for “walk through” of how you selected your fabrics. I have heard this technique before–choosing the main fabric, then coordinating ones, and have used it. The difference seems to be that you choose a much broader range of patterns in the fabric choices than what I normally see here in the States. And there is no compare for the patterns found in Australian fabrics….no neat! It seems also that you choose mostly medium tones, with a few light and a few dark?

  6. I had to drop out of the 6 and 6 in 2018! I was not accomplishing much of anything. But now I am. I still have my goal list, but just not in the ‘have to mode’. You have accomplished a lot!

  7. Mirjam says:

    Oh , it’s already the last day of the month. Tomorrow we have the birthday of our daughter (38), so I’ll send you an update on Monday. 🤗

  8. anudge says:

    Sweater is so cute! Love everything – you did great.

  9. audrey says:

    What a gorgeous finish! And those socks are very sweet. It almost makes me want to start knitting. lol

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