A very Millrose weekend

(I’ll just start by saying you would have had this yesterday except I’ve had computer problems…..grrrr…..’nuff said!)

Am back from the loveliest of weekends spent at Millrose and being a student all weekend!

I set off mid-morning Friday, arrived about lunch time, settled into the roomwith all our bags (this is just the sewing for GJ and I!)had lunch at the cafe, walked up the street, bought a magazine, had a read on the bed, decided to go next door to the shop, started working on a binding (Sue had said to bring in my sewing if I wished), chatted with customers, (spied on the class that I’d be taking the next day(!!) and had a lightening bolt idea about it which pleased me no end), back to the room, snacked for tea, went to pick up GJ (she had to work and came up on the train), shivered in 4 very chilly degrees at 7.30pm at the station, back to the room for a chat, finished my binding (yay), into bed, and sleeeeeep.

Saturday saw us up bright and early, dressed and off to the cafe for brekky, then into the shop for the start of our class with the amazingly talented Lisa from Forage by Lisa Mattock, the class being “Slow Stitching”.  Lisa started with the very interesting story of her journey to this point, then showed us lots of her work.  This collage is just a snippet of what she’s done/doingthen it was up to us – with guidance from Lisa.

The tables had all been set out with beautiful roses, a goody bag, chocs and a bowl of scraps to share, and thread, Liberty and needles courtesy of the shopinside the goody bag was an assortment of threads, a fabric pack, pins and discount cards – yay! – all slow stitching necessitiesI dived right in and soon had my panel going and Lisa stopped by to draw up some “botanicals” for me to embroider.  I did have a hard time with the “raw edges” concept and was a very bad student (because in class you should do as the teacher suggests even if it’s not what you usually do or you have a “better” way – you’re there to learn from the teacher; you can do as you please at home) and did stitch a couple of pieces together, and turned under a seam allowance and appliqued others, however I was brave enough to leave the linens with raw edges…..gulp!

Lunch time beckoned and we tore ourselves away for a spot of nutritionThere were 13 students in all, and I didn’t know half the class, so I only took pics from those I knew (the other had packed up before I could get to them too!).  At Jan K’s workspace, she had this fabulous tin filled with lacesand a beautiful really old box of silk threadsand this is her amazing Slow Stitching pieceMichelle’s is stunning reds and neutralsLynne chose subtle neutrals and blues with pops of vibrant red which just sing in her blockGJ worked her magic in orange tones using antique Suffolk puffs for flowers (from her own stash)and Miss D stitched these gorgeous pears – luv ’em!A little afternoon tea helpedand GJ found this tin for me – which I adore and it is now my slow stitching tin.Too soon class was over, and we reluctantly made our way out of the shop, but back at our room GJ and I thought we might work on more slow stitching……….


Sunday was to be Woolly Bits class but as it was only GJ, Lynne and myself with Lizzie, we all decided to slow stitch instead.

I finished block 1and started making a Caddy with a new kit/pattern from l’uccello and a beautiful Liberty from Millrose (and lots of help from GJ)then started to set up block 2 with a “B” for Ma Kettle (mwah Ma!)GJ foraged through her fabric packs choosing fabrics, doilies and lacesand by day’s end had set up 7 more stunning blocksLynne drew lines in for stems on her first block to be embroidered in black threadthen set up for block 2 which will have pops of blue flowersLizzie worked on one she’d already preppedand I took my time (neatening edges!) as slow stitching suggestsand by class end had the basics in place……..now for some embellishments!

We did stop and go next door for lunch and had a spot of afternoon tea.Disappointingly the day came to an end!  How does that happen??

I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a class/stitching so much.  Lisa’s method of working/using fabrics, doilies, laces and embroidery has opened up a new world for me; all those “bits” that I’ve collected over the years, just ‘cos I liked ’em, finally have a purpose and can be used instead of just sitting in boxes.  Plus it’s blissfully creative, soothing to stitch and good for the soul!  I drew up that lightening bolt idea for a quilt I had on Friday and can see it finished in my mind’s eye.  Now to carve out some time to set up more blocks and slow stitch to my heart’s content………..

A big thank you to Lisa for a fabulous class;  she really is a treat; funny, compassionate and very encouraging.  If you get the chance to take a class with Lisa I would highly recommend it.  For you peeps o/s, Lisa is visiting the UK at the end of the year I believe so keep an eye out on her Workshops page.

And a huge thank you to Sue, Lizzie and all the staff at Millrose for excellent hospitality, food, friendship and generosity.  Always such a pleasure to stay/stitch in this fabulous environment.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to A very Millrose weekend

  1. Chookyblue says:

    Looks like a great weekend learning news things….. Yummy food…..

  2. Chillibaby says:

    What a great weekend you had! Stunning stitching well done!

  3. Cheryl kerr says:

    I absolutely adore the slow stitching, so pretty. Ps. I have the same rose tin, are you surprised ?

  4. Susan Creer says:

    I was also lucky enough to do workshop with Lisa in April, in Perth. I’m glad to hear I was not the only one who struggled with the raw edges😉.

  5. Carole S says:

    I love all your quilty posts! This one really gets the ideas flowing. What a great time you must have had!

  6. What a wonderful weekend, full of delight and learning new things!
    As with all things – raw edges have their place. It’s also good to know how to tidy them up!

  7. Carrolyn V says:

    What a perfectly delightful post! I love this kind of stitching…..and journal pages made like these. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Peaceful, creative, beautiful. And being with friends. I won’t even mention the divine food. ummmmmmm. Thanks for sharing!

  8. frayedattheedge says:

    I am absolutely green with envy!!! What a fabulous, fabulous weekend!! (and the food looked pretty good too!!)

  9. Sue says:

    What a gorgeous wknd & so creative- love the different textures you all created xx

  10. Linda says:

    Looks like a wonderful weekend with friends, slow stitching, so many new ideas, and yummy food! I really like the look of GJ’s blocks, I’m wondering what she will end up making?

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