Class show and tell


Marilyn decided on the corner blocks for her quilt and started to stitch themCarole was stitching leaves onto her next blockJo had some trouble with the concept of “free stitching” this block, but she’s made the first one!Sue E was fussy cutting more gorgeous squaresAnne-Maree and I, with the help of her newly purchased book, played with more stitches for her blocksand Carylin did a little more shopping for other projects in  between stitching the last of her blocks


Three students stayed all day; Linda and I worked on her latest project and she nearly has a house ready to applique to her backgroundand she’s made two sweet little bags from this patternFernanda started a “Take an Element” bag using the most gorgeous rabbit and toadstool fabricand Lyn has finished the last (she hopes!) of the table mats – congratulations Lyn!and has this lovely scarf which we’re turning into a cowl next timeTineke had a few problems with a bag which we sortedJane and I, after a false start(!), worked out how to efficiently cut bias binding, which Jane went on to joinCheryl is trying her hand at a woolly bits projectand Frances started cutting for the last of her blocksMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted.

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5 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    You show a lot of beautiful projects again, Meredith. The Flat Rowdy, the one of Anne-Maree, the one of Cheryll….🤗

  2. The tablemats are striking, but heavens, they must have been fiddly!

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    I love the tablemats …… perhaps Lyn could make some for me??!!

  4. Chookyblue says:

    Checked out the stand at the quilt show……. Told then I love seeing all your posts…….

  5. mandymunroe says:

    Gosh, such fun projects!

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