Hi Lovelies, didn’t mean to be away this long but we’ve been busy!

Mum came to stay last week while her kitchen was redone, so we fitted in trips, visits and shopping in between the usual beginning of the month stuff.

We took Mum on a day trip to Sorrento, ostensibly to get her a gluten free pie, but they’d run out over the weekend and hadn’t had a visit from the supplier to restock!  Luckily I’d taken some soup for myself, so Mum had the soup and The Golfer and I had a pie each.It was a lovely sunny day, but the wind was quite chilly.  We ate our meals on the foreshore as usual, in the comfort and warmth of the car watching the scenery; the ferry going byfishermen on the wharfseagulls…..doing what they doI had a trip to the hair dresser where the florists had delivered this stunning arrangementand my tea was brought to me in this gorgeous setI’ve been doing early morning walks, with some stunning dawn skiesand Ma and I shopped a little, buying jackets and jumpers (sorry, no pics) and visited friends too.  Word came through that the kitchen was (nearly) finished and Ma could go back home.  She was just a little bit excited!!

I drove her home and we stopped on the way (as you do), not at Gisborne, our usual stop, but at Kyneton where there’s a new patchwork shop – fancy that! – with the delightful name of “Alice in Fabricland” and run by the very sweet Fiona.  Fab bright fabricsloads of patterns and gadgets (including some of my templates!)lots of pretty bits and bobsand we were made to feel so very welcome.  Check out the kitchen cabinets that make up the counter!The plumber was still to connect the hot plates and the sink which happened over Saturday and Sunday, and I stayed over the weekend to help Ma put everything back in order and to clean the house for her as there was dust everywhere.  Mum is so pleased with her very functional kitchen; such a change from the old one.

Once I was home I needed to finish this little jumper; one of our friends is a grand dad for the first time and as we know the new mum and dad we wanted to give them a little something for their baby boy.Then (I know! told you I’d been busy!) I worked flat out hand quilting in big stitch to finish the project I’ve been teasing you with, then binding, adding a rod pocket and a label, and “Woodlands” is finished!  Started on the 16 May and finished on 13 June – what can be achieved under pressure!!Very pleased with this; I’ve wanted to make something with different triangles for a long while and when Carol at Sewn and Quilted asked for a project for me to teach at her Winter Workshops, this is the result.  You can join me for class on Thursday 12 July (10.00-4.00) to explore 45 and 60 degree triangles and get the pattern for “Woodlands”.  This can be made in Christmas colours too and with secret “pockets” turned into an Advent Calendar.  Contact the shop for more details.

So, that’s been my couple of weeks.  Hope you’ve all been well and busy too.  I’ll be back with Lots of class show and tell – two weeks worth actually – very soon.

Until then, take care Dear Peeps…..

Meredithe x


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9 Responses to Visits

  1. Annie Gunn says:

    Wow, you certainly have been busy. Nice to have a break from the usual routine. Refreshes the soul. 💐

  2. Mary says:

    I’m coming to Australia for my next haircut as having tea sounds so lovely. Your quilt looks like fun, too.

  3. What a whirl of gaiety! And achievement, too, what with the kitchen, the jumper, and the quilt!

  4. I did a quick double take when I read you had been to Sorrento for the day! I’m British so Sorrento to me is in Italy (went there some years ago) and I didn’t know there was also a Sorrento in Australia! However, you seem to have been having a happy and productive time. Love the name of the new patchwork shop-Alice in Fabricland is just perfect. The fabrics look fabulous too, just the sort to tempt me – pity it’s a bit too far for a day’s outing. Hope your Mum is enjoying her new kitchen.

  5. tinaor says:

    What a lovely time it sounds! And what a name for a patchwork shop – Alice in Fabricland – love it!

  6. Kyle says:

    Your newest quilt is fabulous. Definitely an assortment of different triangles. It will be a fun class to teach. Glad you were able to share some time with your Mum.

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    Referring to Linda’s comment, I can say that there are (at least) two Sorrentos in Australia (after Malcolm had a slight mishap booking our accommodation for September!!) Love the baby jumper, and your new quilt is FABULOUS!!!!!

  8. dkkoch275 says:

    I so like your quilts! And I so wish I could take a class with you….but I live in central IL, USA, so probably won’t happen. I would love to know more about how you pick/decide on fabrics.

  9. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    You and mum spend your time very well. I love the treequilt.🤗

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