Woolly bits Sunday

That time again; heading up the highway to Millrose for a woolly bits day.  Except there wasn’t much happening in the way of woolly bits, and we were a few down in number (get well everyone!).

Kerry was creatively stitching, helped along by the nearby mineral springs waterJacinta had finished her hand quilting and chose and attached a bindingJoy was busy hand quiltingas was Iand Lizzie was creating something new with these gorgeous threads (in between serving customers)As per usual we went next door for lunchand in the afternoon the girls who were staying at the house  came in, each decked out with one of Lizzie’s fabulous 10 minute cowls that they’d been making.  Naturally I had to have one too, but as they’re so quick to make I ended up with four!Very pleased with these new additions to my wardrobe!

After a cuppait was back on the road.  Unfortunately there are road works in progress (it seems like they’re on EVERY road in Victoria, including Melbourne!!!!) and with a broken down car on the freeway closer to town, and who-knows-what happening in the tunnel, it was a looooong trip home!  But a very lovely, and productive day (thanks for the loan of the machine Sue).

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Woolly bits Sunday

  1. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    Once, I want to make a Sue Spargo quilt also. It’s on my WIM-list. Indeed, those cowls are fabulous!🤗

  2. It’s a good thing you’d had such a good day to help you survive the trip home!

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    A cowl lesson would be good

  4. Jill says:

    As I wear lots of scarves, I would also like to have a cowl lesson – or pattern. Methinks a trip to Ballan is a must.

  5. tinaor says:

    I spied quilt clips on one pic – are they good/easy to use? I am not an avid quilter and have used just pins in the past – kind of like the idea of temporary clips and less pricks to the fingers! Love the cowls, nice job!

  6. Kyle says:

    Despite the long trip home, it looks like a perfect day.

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    Not good enough ……. I want lots of woolly bits inspiration!!!!

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