Impromptu Saturday

On Friday some of us decided it was time to have a visit to the quilt shop in Eltham so on Saturday four of us made our way to the shop, which was looking very tempting as per usual!  We were only going to get some of their new Eleganza threads (yeah, right!) but fabrics beckoned us too!and Alison told us of the perfect storage container for the threads, just across the road at Bunnings!  Of course we had to get one eachand they are perfect

So after spending quite a bit of time and money there, it was nearly lunchtime so we made our way to Lilies on Brougham.  First up we needed to see what we’d each purchased (the above 2 spools were a “necessary” item as The Golfer needed some new pants hemmed so he could be respectable at golf on Sunday!)

Then it was down to eating!  Delicious lunch, and some people had dessert tooand some just had a cup of tea (not shining my halo at all!)After, we went for a walk in the grounds; I was going to do a couple of collages, but I was so pleased with the photos you’re getting the lot in full!

Tempted to sit outside?Anyone need a door? Do you think they’d notice if I pinched a pomegranate?Plants for sale There’s water down thereand here, but no fish despite Miss Helen trying to encourage them to the surfaceIt was so peaceful and very relaxing I’d intended to get straight into the quilting again (I’m on a deadline) when I got home but instead found that the dishes weren’t done, so did those; remembered I’d bought that thread to hem The Golfer’s pants which he needed for Sunday, so did all three new pairs just to get them out of the way; went to get a cardi from the bedroom as it was cooling down and forgot that I’d stripped the bed that morning, so that to remake it; finally went to start quilting and realised I’d forgotten to pick up the cardi!  Aaargh!  Totally put off quilting!  Had a cup of tea, calmed down and then started.  Anyone else had an afternoon like that?

Lovely day though!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Impromptu Saturday

  1. Sandi says:

    I do the same thing when things get a little hectic. A hot cup of tea sets my world right again. I love the fabrics, they are all wonderful! The pictures look so pretty and calm, my front door is the same color as the shutters you show. I love the color. Hugs,

  2. frayedattheedge says:

    I’m guessing that the third bundle of fabrics was bought by our Miss Helen – definitely her colours! Lunch looked delicious, and I enjoyed the walk with you – I want those old doors!! It’s even worse when you have to go upstairs to fetch things – you get halfway back down, then have to turn and go back up for what you forgot (still, it’s good exercise!!)

  3. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    a really lovely day! And what a nice purchases you have done.

  4. Frequently – but at least you’d had that lovely expedition (supply run?) beforehand!

  5. Linda Tiernan says:

    Just adore those purchases….must get over there to that shop one day!!! Those new Eleganza threads look fabulous!! And my home made Soup and crispbread lunch was just as good as your lunch…..ha-de-ha-ha!

  6. I love all the fabrics that everyone purchased. I am not a ‘modern’ color person, but I really like these choices!!1

  7. audrey says:

    You totally make me want to go fabric shopping!!

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