Here and Now | May 2018

I think the last of our temperate Autumn days are at an end.  It was freezing on Friday and we were deluged with much needed rain.  Since then there’s been cold winds and its been quite cool, despite some sunshine.  Lots of leaves have fallen leaving just a few stragglers and lots of bare branches.I knew there was a good reason (apart from sheer laziness) in leaving the dead stalks of these plants in the pot – yep self sewn!and one has fallen into the neighbouring pot and even has the beginnings of a flower or two(it’d be nice if I could remember what they’re called!)

There are four spikes on the orchids too at present; can you see them all?I do like that our gardens in the southern hemisphere are constantly changing despite the season.

Totally addicted to crochet at the moment, but trying to do a bit of sewing too.  So pleased with how my cosy stripe is coming along – please note I’m being a good girl and sewing the ends in after each section (halo!!)Loving // this cooler weather and very grateful for the recent rain
Eating // trying to stick to a diet devoid of sugar and limiting carbs (for tummy health)
Drinking // herbal tea
Feeling // frustrated by my sewing room – a cleanup is on the cards soon (again!!)
Making // too many things at the moment, with bits of everything on the go; hand piecing, hand quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting
Thinking // about which pattern to use for my next sock challenge after receiving a parcel of Sarah’s latest yarn
Dreaming // of cold and rainy afternoons, snug inside with hand quilting to do

Joining in with Sarah for Here and Now.  What are you up to?  Click on the link to see what other are up to too.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Here and Now | May 2018

  1. Sarah says:

    Autumn seems to have left early here, too. I don’t know if this cold snap is here to stay now, but it has been so chilly! And with gusty winds it feels colder than what the temperature is saying it is. We’ve got the fire going today to stop the floor from getting so cold.
    Perfect knitting and crocheting weather, and your blanket is so bright and cheerful! It’s really lovely.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the sock yarn 🙂
    Thanks so much for joining in again, Meredithe!
    Sarah x

  2. You are being virtuous with that crochet, aren’t you! Well done, you!

  3. Like that crochet project! Very colorful!

  4. Hooray for free plants repotting themselves. 🙂 Looks like cosmos seedlings, perhaps?

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