The Cosmos has thrown us quite a few curve balls already this year (and it’s July, right??).  Our parents have had lots of doctor, specialist and hospital visits and, thankfully, particularly as Ma Kettle lives a good 2 hours drive away, they’ve taken it in turns when needing our care and attention.

However, Monday week ago, The Golfer’s Dad died.  He’d been getting frailer over the last couple of months and passed away peacefully after a visit, with chat and laughter, from The Golfer.Ma was down visiting us and we have been very grateful for her love, support and help.  The Golfer is an only child, which makes decisions easier, but means a full burden which I try to help with.

DearFIL was 94 and had lived a full, varied and remarkable life.  From serving his country with post WWII clean ups (including being one of many sailors to witness nuclear explosions at Manus Island), to working for the same company for many years rising from the shop floor to management, he also enjoyed in his retirement, lawn bowls (winning a few trophies) and dancing (being a much called upon partner).  After The Golfer’s Mum died in 1992 DearFIL learnt to use a computer and to cook, looking up recipes on the internet, as well as managing housework; all the things The Golfer’s Mum had done while DearFIL was doing shiftwork.

It was only in the last four years that he was unable to look after himself and moved into a nursing home, declaring after a couple of weeks that he didn’t care for being surrounded by “old people”!  Nevertheless he adapted well and made some new friends while he was there.

Being the age he was, most of his family and mates had pre-deceased him, so his funeral was a small one, but a lovely one with The Golfer doing a great eulogy and we sent him off in style with his favourite tune “Hello Dolly” by the wonderful Sachmo and his favourite yellow roses.After an emotional week, The Golfer and I headed down to Sorrento for the day yesterday (Ma Kettle went home on Sunday).  The fish and chip shop was full, so we patronised the bakery instead and took our salad rolls to the foreshore.  The seagulls were keen to share our repast, but we were mean and savoured our lunches for ourselves.Afterwards we sat in the sun and watched as the ferry berthed, disgorging vehicles and passengers and loaded up same for the return journey.  It was so pleasant and relaxing to sit in the sun, let our thoughts roam, and watch idly as others busied themselves with getting to the ferry on time, or sauntered along the beach.

I will try to get back into a blogging routine sometime soon.  It may take just a little while, so I hope you can forgive me and keep watching this space.

With much love

Meredithe x

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25 Responses to 1923

  1. Trudy Wassink says:

    a lot af sympathy for you and your golfer from the Netherlands

  2. Meredithe, I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you gave your dear father-in-law a lovely send-off.

  3. Cécile says:

    Oh my… I’m so sorry to read that…. Take your time dear friend….
    I’m sending you huge kisses.

  4. Annie says:

    Dear Meredithe & the Golfer. My sincere sympathy on your sad loss. I noted from you comments that you both had time to farewell DearFIL and reflect on his life and most importantly look after yourselves too. Those of us with elderly parents really do have our work cut out for us and even though we know what is in store, the Inevitable still doesn’t come easy. Good that you could both put everything else on hold while you took care of your loved ones.

    We will welcome you back into our lives – but only when you are ready. Take care 💕💐

  5. Veronica says:

    Tough time for the Golfer and you. As time goes bye you will both recall many good times shared with your lost one. Sincere condolences. 💖

  6. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    Hi Meridithe and Golfer. My sincere condolences with the lost of your father. 94 years, I think everyone hopes to reach that age. By what you write I feel how much you loved him. A lot of strength and cherish the good memories. With kind regards.

  7. Kyle says:

    Thinking of you and your family.

  8. frayedattheedge says:

    We are holding you both close in our thoughts at this sad time …….

  9. anudge says:

    Prayers being said and gentle hugs sent. We are with you.

  10. Jann says:

    Dear Meredith and Golfer,
    My heart is full of compassion for you and my prayers are with you. Taking time to grieve and savor the memories of your dad is so important right now. We will be here when you are ready to return. In the meantime may our prayers and compassion for your loss wrap you like a lovely quilt and bring you comfort.

  11. I am sorry for your loss. 💐

  12. stitchydragon says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Don’t worry about the blog, we will all still be here when you are ready. Sending prayers and hugs across the miles,

  13. Oh, my dear, I’m so sorry. My deepest sympathies to you and The Golfer. Don’t hurry back if you don’t feel like it. We’ll wait for you! Many hugs…

  14. Chookyblue says:

    sorry to hear about your father in law…………

  15. Sharen McCrabb says:

    Sorry for your loss, deepest sympathies to you.

  16. Lesley Coleman says:

    94 what a wonderful age your FIL would have seen many changes during these years.
    My sympathy to you both amazing how visiting the coast does wonders for the soul.

  17. Linda says:

    Thinking of you.

  18. Pamela says:

    Sorry to read your news. Take care of yourself!

  19. Sue says:

    Wrapping you in big hugs, hoping you have time to relax & recharge x

  20. Glenda says:

    Sending love and hope the following weeks are not to difficult a sad time for you both. Hugs Glenda

  21. Serena says:

    Sending much love to you and The Golfer … sounds like your FIL lived a full and adventurous life, something I admire very much

  22. Hugs to you and The Golfer. Take some down time together.

  23. Helen F says:

    The Divine Miss M and Brucie – your words were beautiful that you have written about Bobbie you made me tear up at work! big hugs x

  24. Sorry to hear of your loss, dear Meredithe and your Golfer. You obviously have wonderful memories that I know will sustain you through the tough times. Hugs. XX

  25. Dearest Meredith, so sorry to read your sad news. Sending lots of hugs x

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