Pannier – week 4

Thank you Darling Peeps for all your wonderful comments, suggestions and ideas for getting over my half-missing-mojo.  I’ve tried quite a few of them including something new (see below), reading (always enjoy that), forgetting all about it and lounging around watching movies (enforced on me over the last four days as the weather was Stinkin’ Hot and, as you know, I don’t do hot weather well so spent a lot of time on the couch with the cooler on and tv going), and even tried an idea of my own – sent my sewing machine off to be serviced in the vain hope that what you don’t have you’ll want……didn’t work.

I did like the idea that several of you proposed; to buy some new fabrics (never a bad idea that!) and a girl friend took me over to Queen of Fabric yesterday (yes, in all that hot heat and humidity – wasn’t I brave?) as I’d never been there before.  DeLightful shop!  So pleased we went and scored a few goodies too.As for the new thing I tried, I’ve started a cardi for myself but only able to knit at night when the cooler is going full bore (and The Golfer has gone to bed – too cold for him!).  The new bit is that the patterning is worked from a chart which I’ve not done before.  Testing the ol’ grey matter!  Progress is going well though.  (Please – nobody find a mistake ‘cos I couldn’t bear to undo it!)And onto the week’s basket blocks…….A bit of applique this time.  Linking up with Cecile for her basket challenge – we’re half way through the block making time!

Back tomorrow for our first report on our 6and6in2018.  Hope you’re ready!

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Pannier – week 4

  1. Catherine Pritchard says:

    It’s funny about losing the sewing mojo. It happened to me too about 18 months ago. I was all quilted out so started smaller projects using new techniques. Crazy Patchwork, then an heirloom teddy bear embroidered all over with silk ribbon flowers. I’ve just been away for a quilting retreat weekend (Threadhouseretreat2018 on Instagram) we made pouches, improv flowers, foundation paper piecing and screen printing. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve decided to make 2018 the year of the quilts as I have the makings for at least three large quilts (if not more!). I just need to find a pattern I fall in love with.

  2. carol says:

    Dear Meredithe, You’re back! and with bells on! (It’s all about baby steps and you’re on your way) Your cardy is absolutely lovely and looks a bit of a challenge. Your creativity is always so inspiring! I’m so pleased to see that you took the advice and had a bit of retail therapy. A treat of something new to the stash usually gets the creative juices going in no time. I’m still trying to choose something special to make from my cake boxes of fat quarters, but I’m getting closer to narrowing it down. Big hugs from carol in Canada xox

  3. Yea – sometimes a change of scenery, buying fabric, reading a book, vegging, knitting – speaking of knitting – I really really REALLY do need to go take a few lessons to get me kick started, but I am waiting for the Flu epidemic to go away!!!!! Had it on the 13th of Dec and just now feeling like a real human. Hang in there – your winter time is coming – Right? Take care

  4. frayedattheedge says:

    I still have the firework on stand-by!!!!!

  5. Kyle says:

    Hot weather can melt any effort to do anything. Glad you got out and went fabric shopping!

  6. You’ve done pretty well for someone whose mojo is MIA! I hope it’s cooler next month…

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