A Wednesday jaunt

Wednesday was a stunning Melbourne Summer day and The Golfer and I decided to head out to the Yarra Valley.  I forgot to take the camera so these are all phone pics.  Our first stop was the viewing point for the Maroondah Damthen through the Black Spur with its tall, tall treesand gigantic lush tree fernsOur lunch stop was the bakery at Marysville, sitting outside under the treeswhere a honey eater thought for a moment he might join usfor a chicken schnitzel with home made relish and coleslaw (who needed tomato sauce with the home made relish??)We had a walk through the park next door

spotting this little train and a huge log (the engine is for you Anne and the log for Malcolm!)We had a walk around the town too, which from this pic you can see is nestled in a valleythen it was back to the park for a read on the rug (thoroughly enjoying the new Jane  Harper)with thisand this as our viewIt was so peaceful with the gurgle of running water from the nearby stream in the background

Marysville was catastrophically devastated by the Black Saturday fires in February 2009 and it was wonderful to see the township having risen like a Phoenix after such an horrific disaster.

We came back via Warburton, accidentally going down a road which half way along turned to gravel and we laughed at the sign saying ‘Rough surface ahead’ at one point; I wanted The Golfer to go back so I could add an ‘er’, and the 70kms just before a hairpin bend – someone had a sense of humour putting up the signposts!  And more massively tall treesIt was a shock to hit the city roads with all the rushing traffic after our quiet interlude, but a delightful day.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to A Wednesday jaunt

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for your trip notes and photos. It brought back memories of a peaceful day out during a difficult time in Melbourne. My son and I came out to say goodbye to my brother and friends of his took us out for the day up the Yarra Valkey to Maryville. We were there five years ago so good to see how it has moved on. The tree ferns are still, for me, a lasting memory of loveliness.
    Also good to see the sunshine. Best wishes for the new year from a very cold and soggy England!

  2. Linda says:

    Meredith, how can I make contact to find out about classes you post about? Thanks, Linda

  3. Veronica Finnerty says:

    Aren’t we so lucky to have all this on our doorstep? Seems you had a lovely day Meredithe, and thanks for sharing the stunning pics with us. Cheers, Veronica

  4. What a lovely day. Good to see some water in the streams, too!

  5. anudge says:

    What a lovely post. It brought memories back of my visit to Melbourne and surrounding area in 1986. Thank you.

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Malcolm says can you please pop the log in the post to him!! Love the little engine – it would look good in my garden. Fabulous scenery – looking forward to seeing it all again!
    Have a good weekend xx

  7. Kyle says:

    What a delightful way to spend the day. Don’t you wish we could have more of those relaxing carefree days.

  8. Deb Ianson says:

    we do have a beautiful country

  9. Anne de Koning says:

    Hi Meredith, I live in Marysville!! Glad you had a lovely day in our beautiful little village. That stream you sat next to flow’s into our water storage and is our drinking water. We have the second best drinking water in the world!! I love reading your blog, Anne de Koning

  10. Marie-Claude Lajoie says:

    Enjoyed your photos! I live in Canada and we had 35 cm of snow yesterday and it is now -26 C. Longing for summer!

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