17ufosin2017 | December

Well here it is, the end of a year of 17ufosin2017!  How quickly the year has gone.  Did you do as well as you thought?  Or perhaps better?

I had Substantial Progress in December putting together the quilt top for “Brompton Road”but that’s all.  (It will go to the quilter in January some time and be a finish for 2018)

Overall though, I’ve had quite a good year.  From my list I’ve had

::  5 ufo’s finished (which you can see on my Finishes 2017 page)

::  4 ufo’s Substantially Progressed

:: and unfortunately, 8 of the nominated projects were not even touched

But that’s OK because I actually finished quite a few other things, and started and finished a few too during this year.  I think the challenge helped motivate and keep me on track, so I for one am very pleased with how the year and this challenge worked out.

I know that lots of you enjoyed the challenge too and achieved soooo much.  Many of my sewing friends, while not actively showing their work did, nevertheless achieve lots with many finishes and tonnes of Substantial Progress!

One of the most amazing events has been with my friend Anne G who is a member of several groups in New South Wales and encouraged them from the beginning of the year to participate.  In September Anne G sent me this email

I have been lucky enough to have caught up with two of my patchworking groups in the last week.  Thought I would give you a progress report on the 17ufosin2017 list.  We are now in the 70’s of completed UFO’s!  A few of us overlap in both groups, but everyone is delighted with their results.  It has been mentioned frequently the joy in being inspired by each other to keep plugging along.  The general consensus is that we have gone from a defeatist attitude to one of just maybe we can do it!  In the bigger group it has also nurtured a new level of friendship in the group.  We can’t thank you enough for inspiring us all with your great idea of completing UFO’s as the 2017 Challenge.

In December Anne G updated the numbers and it looks like they will have achieved over 150 completed UFO’s within the groups!!  That’s a whole lots of projects!

Anne and I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and participation and we are so looking forward to seeing what 6 & 6 in 2018 brings!  Be back on 2nd January ready with your 6 x 6 lists!!

Now it’s over to you for the very last time this year.

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your December achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #17ufosin2017

Meredithe x

When linking to your blog for 17ufosin2017
:: Please link directly to your post on your 17ufosin2017 not to your home page
:: Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
:: Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2017
:: The link will be open for a week


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13 Responses to 17ufosin2017 | December

  1. Annie Gunn says:

    Well done Meredithe. Like I said to our groups, any progress on UFO’s is a plus. I finished number 16 yesterday and now only two sides to bind on number 17 – Aunty Greens Garden, then the reward – champagne! It has been a huge effort with stitching nearly every day of 2017, but so happy with all of the projects now being finished. Looking forward to 2018 & new things instead of old! Well done to everyone who took on the challenge – give yourselves a huge pat on the back. Thanks once again M & A for inspiring us. Will give you a final tally for our groups in the new year. AG

  2. Chookyblue says:

    Congrats on the year…. Great motivating…..

  3. Jan says:

    Well done! I certainly didn’t get 17 done but did get 2 UFOs finished and a number of others ‘substantially progressed’! And got side tracked with the 100days100blocks which was so much fun. Looking forward to 2018!!

  4. glendajean says:

    What a great year it was been motivated by UFOsin2017, I sadly got side tracked 1.2 way through the year but still very very happy with my progress and finishes. Today I added more on what I achieved on to my original blog 12 months ago. Its VERY long! so many of you will go to sleep 1/2 way through it most likely LOL Thanks for a fun year all who shared the journey and a BIG thanks to Anne and Meredithe for making it possible. Cheers Glenda

  5. I don’t think I finished any of my UFOs, but I did at least make Substantial Progress on some. You’ll see on my post on the second….

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Hi Little Sis …….. didn’t we do well!! Not only achieving so much of our own work, but inspiring others too, which is so rewarding!! With lots of hugs from your Big Sis xoxo

  7. elaine says:

    well done! Thanks for keeping us motivated throughout the year 🙂

  8. LIke you, I did not touch many on the list but was surprised at the end at the amount of finishes, as well as some progress on a few 🙂 Brompton Road is beautiful!

  9. Jayne says:

    Hello! I have only now (at the end of the year!) discovered you and your UFO party. I did my own thing this year trying to finish one UFO per month. I did it!! I have linked up, even though technically I have not been with you at all this year, and I did 12, not 17. I could not imagine doing any more than I did, honestly. This was enough for me!

  10. audrey says:

    Whew! It’s been a long year of trying to keep focus on the UFO’s. Thanks for the linkup and great encouragement! Love your latest quilt top. It really is gorgeous and so worth making it to this stage!

  11. stitchydragon says:

    Love all those cheery blues in your Brompton road top! Well done on all your 2017 progress, here’s to a stitchy new year ahead 🙂

  12. Joanne P says:

    I linked up with my final post. I completed 10 of my 17, made progress on another 4.5 and only had 2.5 that didn’t get touched.
    I will be continuing with my own “18 in ’18”, now in the 8th year! But I will have a look at your new challenge too.

  13. Gail Davis says:

    Such a positive ‘end of year’ wrap up after a very motivating 12 months! I can honestly say, I am quite surprised by how many UFOs I did actually make progress on, and some finished! 4 quilts finished; 7 substantially progressed; 3 with baby steps; and 3 not touched! I am happy to roll over 6 of the 7 into the 2018 challenge, as I am very motivated to get them finished! As for the newbies for this year… There are plenty on the bucket list to choose from, including some with fabric stashed! Thanks for keeping us going and bringing this challenge to us! I have loved the encouraging journey. 😀

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