I’m guessing it’s the time of year, but my sewing mojo is lost!  Haven’t picked up a needle in about two weeks!!  I did finish a pair of socks at the beginning of last week.I misread the pattern (entirely my fault) and the leg section is shorter than I knitted last time, but they still fit and will be ok.  They’re the Muscadine socks from the book “Sockupied” and the yarn is Patons 4ply wool.  It’s a toe up pattern and lots of fun to knit.  Paid attention this time and the seam on both the cuffs is at the back.  (Reckon if I knit them again it will be third time perfect!)

How are your Christmas preparations going?  Think I’m nearly done.

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Lost!

  1. Annie Gunn says:

    Love the hot pink socks. I must have a go at them in 2018. 17ufosin2017 has occupied every day this year. #16 – only two sides left to bind on AGG & #17 – crocheting for a couple of hours every day to get it finished – I think I can, I think I can…………. Our group challenge for next year is 6 new, 6 old & 6 things that makes us happy. 6 x 3 = 18 in 2018 Have a lovely Christmas celebration & a huge thanks for your blogs etc in 2017.

  2. glendajean says:

    Love love those socks Meredithe from the colour, design , and pattern, will ahve to see if I can find it. My quilting mojo was in full swing and I was waiting for my new fussing roll of washaway freezer paper which arrived in time but sadly there was no glue on the paper it must have been a last run run may be as there is only a little glue at the bottom of the paper near the beginning, so I have come to a dead stopBOO HOO> Oh well there is a new year coming up soon and it will just have to be one of my WIPs for 2018 with you and Anne LOL Wishing you a Merry merry Christmas and once again a big thank you for motivating us all. Cheers Glenda

  3. Happy Christmas to you. The socks look great and maybe when the big day is over your sewing mojo will reappear.x

  4. Well, if your sewing mojo has gone missing, the knitting mojo is present in force!

  5. Fernanda says:

    Sorry to hear about your lost sewing mojo. Mine is in full swing! Those socks…. love them. Might have to have a lesson on how to knit them and make them part of the 2018 challenge. Have a great Christmas hohoho

  6. marshaseiberling says:

    I wish I knew how to make socks.
    I barely finished my Christmas gifts in barely enough time to even wrap them.
    I am so ashamed to say that I only completed 4 of my 17 UFO’s that I picked to finish for your challenge.
    Although I have NO idea why I put the hexagon quilt on the list as that is a years in the making project, not one year (and, I never worked on them at all in 2017!) However, the rest of the things on the list I have no excuse for not finishing as most of them only have a bit to go to be finished.

    I’m going to continue in 2018 to try to finish them plus add on a few more things that I have started, or want to start yet.

  7. Jane Gealy says:

    They look great and the colour is divine. I’ve started knitting again after nearly 40 (!!!) years and really enjoying it. My partner has asked me to knit him some socks. My first reaction was ‘you’re kidding me’, but your post has inspired me!

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