Visiting Ma Kettle

Earlier this week The Golfer and I headed north to visit Ma Kettle.  It’s been a long time since we’ve visited and even though we talk daily on the phone, it’s not the same.  Besides I needed a Ma hug (and she needed one from me and The Golfer too).

It was a spectacular day and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive feasting our eyes on the beautifully green and verdant countryside which was lush from Spring sunshine and recent Spring rains, and making the most of it before Summer dries the hills and paddocks to brown.

Ma’s brother and sister-in-law have recently visited and took Ma shopping so she had some new indoor furniture to show usand outdoors, this gorgeous setting which now takes pride of place in the newly designated Patio.  Two single chairsand a coffee table and lounge, which has already had much use as Ma is taking her morning coffee out there and when she’s not out and about, stretching out for an afternoon read (and perhaps a doze!)This area is at the back of Ma’s unit and divided by a fence from the carport.  When we arrived this plant stand and an assortment of plants were in the carport areaalong with some plants that needed repottingSo after a reviving cuppa, in the Patio and testing out the new furniture of course, The Golfer and I set to and before you could wink, we’d moved the plant stand into the Patio area and repotted several of the plants.  We left the sun loving plants where the plant stand wasthen Ma and I went plant/container shopping.

When we arrived back, I potted up some of the plants and The Golfer filled the rest of the hanging pots so Ma can potter with them at her leisure Some of Dad’s orchids are blooming; this one is a beautyand we moved four of the pots onto the plant standand Ma will play with the remaining pots and she may even need to buy some more plants.

Elsewhere, there are cyclamens both gifted and left by the previous ownerand out the front, LittleBigBrother and DocSisterInLaw did a great job a few month ago cleaning up and pruningand they uncovered this sweet birdbath which now has smiling faces underneathMa’s roses are a little behind mine, but it won’t be long before they flower and provide a gorgeous vista from her chair in the lounge room.All in all, not a bad day’s work!  I’m just so delighted that Mum has this little haven; somewhere to rest and relax and a little bit of garden to attend and play in.

And I got lots of cuddles too.

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Visiting Ma Kettle

  1. Catherine Pritchard says:

    Your mothers patio looks fantastic with the new furniture and plant stand. Easy to look after and a great place to relax.

  2. Your Mum’s unit looks delightful, especially the patio with its lovely furniture and plants. Sounds as though you had a great visit, achieving lots too.

  3. Such a good day for you all – great progress on Ma Kettle’s garden, and no doubt lots of cups of tea and lots of chatter!

  4. Fernanda says:

    Mum’s place looks so good,I bet you loved the cuddles

  5. Chookyblue says:

    its nice to set the area up special……..make it a spot to want to sit and enjoy..

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    What a super outdoor space, perfect for enjoying a cuppa and a book (and yes, a little snooze in the sun!). Can you and the Golfer pop over and sort out our patio please!!

  7. Gail Davis says:

    What a lovely day…helping your Mum in the garden. Glad you got your hugs… Enjoy….I do miss mine.

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