A day in town

Miss Helen arrived at my place bright and early on Friday morning and we were both fizzing with excitement about our day.  A train and tram ride later we were at the NGV and in the queue for the Dior Exhibition.  (If you’re going, suggest you pre book your tickets!)(Helen bought the book)

It is a fabulous exhibition.  There’s so much to see and it’s so well set out; clothes behind glass have mirrors at the back so they can be viewed from all sides, those on plinths are set well apart for maximum viewing, and with lounge music playing in the background I fully expected Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth to sashay into the room glamorous in a Dior creation.  I won’t say much more in case you’re going, but the beauty of Monsieur Dior’s designs made me walk taller, shoulders back, tummy in!

After two hours of  drooling careful consideration of the creativity of The House of Dior, we were plunged back into the real world in search of a feed so headed to the heart of the city to have some lunch and indulge in a spot of shopping; no, not clothes but quilting, of course.

A visit to Morris and Sons to explore their new fabric section (well, new to Helen and me) and a saunter around the wool section yielded theseand a leisurely stroll through l’uccello and a rummage through the feed sack and Liberty pre cuts and these were mine.By then the sun was shining, so we strolled back to the station, currently covered in hoarding as Flinders Street Station is getting a major face lift, and headed home…….

very contented with our day and sure to dream of hour glass figures and stunning couture finery.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to A day in town

  1. Julie says:

    I wish that exhibition would come to NZ!!

  2. It’s amazing how much of an appetite you can work up strolling around an exhibition!

  3. Helen F says:

    Oh M it was fantastic – especially the last room!!!! No gold dresses in the book!!!! I feel ripped off!!!

  4. frayedattheedge says:

    Oh, I wish I could have been there with you and Miss Helen!!

  5. Janice Ermacora says:

    Love your purchases and your shops. Both have very beautiful things.

  6. Margaret says:

    I’m just back from a weekend in Melbourne to see the Dior exhibition – on Saturday afternoon, it was packed!! Also thank you for the suggestions about Morris and Sons & L’uccello. We visited both and very much liked Morris and Sons and their wonderful range of wools.

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