Just dropping in……

……Dear Peeps, to let you know, in case you’ve been wondering,  why it’s very quiet here at p and c – I’m suffering from a bout of laryngitis.

Should be on the mend soon.  I will be back, just give me a few days.

Thanks and hugs (from a distance!)

Meredithe x

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25 Responses to Just dropping in……

  1. Be well soon. X Lyn shortland

  2. Rest lots and get well soon!

  3. Cécile says:

    Ooooh so sorry for you Meredithe !
    Big hugs !!

  4. Anne Gunn says:

    Get better soon. These bugs seem extremely nasty. I had a flu shot & always keep my pneumonia shot up to date, but still didn’t escape the bug. 3 weeks later I am still coughing. Take it easy as it will take time to get over. 😷💐

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  5. Pat says:

    Lemon and ginger tea and lots of bed rest plus a few good Netflix series. I am just off the crutches after breaking my femur skiing. Good quilting time! Get well soon

  6. Marilyn Wilks says:

    Get better soon. A week in the sunshine may help – I’m at the Gold Coast for a few days!

  7. I hope you feel better quickly:)

  8. elainesuller says:

    hope you feel better soon x

  9. Get well soon, I am over the 2nd hand surgery and a 2 handed typist again! YEA. One of the worst 4 months in our lives together!! But it is over and we are both on the mend. Looking forward to quilting again like a normal person. Take care

  10. Kyle says:

    Glad to see the Golfer is taking such good care of you.

  11. dkkoch275 says:

    I WAS wondering. And missing your posts! Glad nothing serious (I hope) and looking forward to your return.– I’m in Tremont, Illinois in the US.

  12. anudge says:

    Hope you are better soon. Prays,

  13. Judy says:

    Take care and feel better soon, miss you and all those yummy food photos!

  14. Get well soon. From experience I know that laryngitis is exhausting so make sure you take care of yourself. 💐

  15. frayedattheedge says:

    Why, that looks just like you!!

  16. Rhonda Hesketh says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon Meredithe. Hugs 🌞🌞

  17. Sharen McCrabb says:

    I hope that you are resting and taking care of yourself. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  18. Gail Davis says:

    Hope you get better soon. 😊💐

  19. thimbleanna says:

    Ummmm … you do know that you can still type with laryngitis, don’t you? LOLOL (Hope you’re better soon!)

  20. Wishing you a quick recovery Meredithe!

  21. Miriam says:

    Take care and get well soon.💕

  22. Linda Tiernan says:

    Hi Meredithe, I do hope you are “up and at ’em” again. What a dreadful winter it has been for you, and I hope the past few days of lovely sunshine have seen you getting back to full health. I look forward to catching up with you at S&Q on Oct 5.

  23. Jill says:

    Get better soon, Meredithe. This bug must have hit you hard. I have missed your posts.

  24. Adrienne Lewis says:

    Oh, Ms M. I feel your pain. IME, it eventually diminishes, then morphs into an ideal opportunity to make a bit of an impact on those EHs – you know the ones.
    Hang in there. It’s worth it, for when you start to improve.
    Ms A.

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