By the bay on a windy day

Yesterday The Golfer and I discovered that we had no commitments, no appointments, no sewing dates, no golfing dates……huh?  So we decided to treat ourselves and head off for……yep, you guessed it.  Fish and Chips on the Foreshore at Sorrento!  Our favourite go-to destination for fish and chips.  It’s an age since we last did that. It wasn’t long before the seagulls were cruising around the car.  How do they know who has the food??One cheeky one legged fellow, sat on the car bonnet in the forlorn hope of a tidbit, and being one legged he was tossed about a bit by the rising wind.I had visions of a romantic Winter walk along the beach, but the winds became gale force blowing spray from the waves over the beach, and we even had a gust of sand come into the car via the slim opening of the window, which was hastily closed.Instead we watched container boats going to and fro and the ferry come into dockThe sun coming in through the window eventually became too warm and we moved the car to another carpark.  Here’s the ferry from a different angleMore boats bobbing in the turbulent sea; lots of white horses out there and the sea was that beautiful turquoise/greenI braved the cold winds to get these pics, just for you!  The water is so clearThe cafe/restaurant on the foreshore has been rebuiltand they’d look out onto thisWe drove around to the back beach where the winds were even stronger and the clouds had started gathering in earnest.  I just made it back into the car mere seconds before the heavens opened – there was even some hail!The gulls wheeled and soared on the thermals, dipping as the winds dropped only to be flung high in the sky, wings outstretched as another southerly blow sent them skywards and below them waves crashed onto the rocks and hurled themselves up the beach.It may have been 17 degrees in Melbourne city, but down on the bay it was a chilly 12 and I reckon with wind chill factor probably half that!   We didn’t even complete a walk of the main street as we were nearly blown off our feet and it was oh, so much warmer in the car!  On the way home, driving along the foreshore we saw a couple of people out windsurfing……surprised they didn’t end up in Tassie!

Nevertheless, we had a lovely, relaxing day together.  How was your Wednesday?

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to By the bay on a windy day

  1. anudge says:

    How nice. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Judy says:

    Sounds absolutely perfect, good for you.

  3. Rhonda Hesketh says:

    Did you see Arcto the seal? We were in Dromana last weekend and there is a seal who apparently visits regularly in winter. We saw him lazing on the grass near the playground.

  4. Linda says:

    Looks like a lovely day out Meredithe! I must tell my Peter about the f&c venue!

  5. A lovely day, indeed, blowing the cobwebs away! I spent the day with my parents and their computer….!

  6. Annie Gunn says:

    Nice – very envious.

  7. Lesley Coleman says:

    Fish and chips at Sorrento sounds wonderful. I can taste the fish now. This is what life is about……..

  8. Oh, this brought back so many memories of the day we spent there!! Yes, we too had fish and chips, and I think I have a photo of the hosts on the foreshore. And in one of those coincidences in life, Tina Arena’s Sorrento Moon was playing on the car radio!

  9. you have a beautiful country! love fich and chips!

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